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Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

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Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

Oakland Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

A drug conspiracy involves one or more people agreeing to commit a narcotics-related crime together. Drug conspiracy charges may be quite severe, as the charge implies that a more extensive network of people is involved than in a typical drug case. Law enforcement pays particular attention to drug conspiracies to crack down on the pervasiveness of drug crimes.

Drug conspiracy carries the potential for imprisonment, fines, and deportation. If you have been charged with conspiracy in a narcotics case, an Oakland drug conspiracy lawyer could work to build an effective defense and preserve your future. Call today to see how an experienced drug attorney could fight for you.

How Do Drug Conspiracy Investigations Work?

The biggest thing that differentiates conspiracies from other crimes is that the prosecutor must prove there was an agreement between at least two people to commit a crime and that at least one of the individuals acted in furtherance of the crime.

In an investigation into a conspiracy case, an effort is made to find out what was discussed. Investigators look at emails and text messages and ask the involved parties about the content of the communications. Investigators may also interview other witnesses who saw or heard what happened.

Law enforcement uses wiretaps on relevant phone numbers. They use cell phone towers to hear people talking to one another, detect text messages, and may put GPS trackers on suspects’ cars. Examples of acceptable evidence in Oakland drug conspiracy cases include emails, text messages, GPS tracking of vehicles, phone conversations, wiretaps, recorded conversations, and live testimony. For more information, consult with a drug conspiracy lawyer in Oakland.

Drug Conspiracy Cases with Multiple Defendants

Drug conspiracy cases often involve multiple defendants. For example, if someone drives a car while the passenger conducts a drug sale out of the passenger window, then the driver and passenger could both be charged with the crime.

When a case has multiple defendants, each defendant must have a separate lawyer who can promote their defense. Although it is possible for the same attorney to represent numerous individuals in the same case with a written conflict of interest waiver, it is not a common practice in drug cases.

Cases with multiple defendants tend to take more organization and time than single defendant cases. Resolutions can be held up if one defendant wants to resolve, and the other does not. Also, timing can be affected if one defendant does not wish to waive time, but other involved defendants do want to waive time, and parties will more often point the finger at each other.

Hiring an Oakland Drug Conspiracy Attorney

Narcotics cases are complex, and a criminal defense attorney needs particular exposure to drug cases to defend them successfully, especially in a conspiracy case. A defendant should look for an experienced drug conspiracy attorney in Oakland who also possesses systems for delivering information to the individual to keep him or her informed, involved, and encouraged through the process. Having a skilled attorney who builds a trusting relationship with the defendant and genuinely cares about the outcome will be the ideal combination.

Before calling an Oakland drug conspiracy lawyer, a person should have his or her bail receipt showing his or her charges, his or her citation, a notice to appear, or any other documentation received during the investigation. Most importantly, the defendant should be prepared to ask questions about the attorney’s practice, team, experience, and communication style. If you are facing drug conspiracy charges, contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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