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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Benefits of an Oakland Robbery Attorney

          Being charged with a robbery offense is a serious accusation which could carry harsh consequences if convicted. For these types of offenses, it is essential to get in touch with an experienced lawyer who is familiar with the procedure of these cases. One of the main benefits of an Oakland robbery attorney is they can use their experience when negotiating with the prosecution and the judge. They can also act as your legal guide when in court.

          Importance of Hiring an Experienced Defense Attorney

          An attorney who has experience defending people who have been charged with robbery can greatly assist somebody charged in many ways. They can file legal motions to attack some of the legal deficiencies in the case. For example, if there were problems with the lawfulness of the arrest of the person or the search of the person who was arrested, an attorney who has experience handling robberies can file appropriate motions to have any statements or evidence that were taken from the person suppressed.

          If the motion to suppress is granted, in most instances, the entire case or the charges against the person will be dismissed. Having an attorney who has that experience specifically with robbery cases is going to be certainly in the person’s best interests. If the case proceeds forward, then the attorney obviously can assist a person by aggressively negotiating a pretrial settlement.

          If the attorney has experience handling robbery cases in the same county in which the person is charged, it is going to be of significant benefit to the person charged. Then, if the case cannot resolve and it goes to a preliminary hearing and then a jury trial, having an attorney who not only has extensive experience with preliminary hearings and jury trials, but specifically has robbery trial experience, will be beneficial to the accused person.

          How an Attorney can Leverage their Experience Over the Prosecution

          If the attorney has significant experience handling felony cases – specifically robbery cases – that attorney is going to have a significant knowledge base for how to properly investigate the case on behalf of the accused person. They will know a lot about the makeup of the jury pool in the county in which the person is being charged and therefore be better prepared for trial.

          They have investigators who work on their behalf and will go out and, in many cases, do a more thorough investigation than the police department. That thorough investigation may result in convincing the district attorney that the case is not as strong as they first thought and either giving a reduced offer to the accused or, in the best-case scenario, dismissing the charges outright.

          Qualities to Look for in an Oakland Robbery Lawyer

          Robberies are not only felonies but they are strike charges, so the consequences are very severe for someone should they be convicted. An attorney should be knowledgeable in robberies and felonies in general. They should have extensive experience with that specific county because there will be a lot of pretrial discussions and negotiations with the district attorney in the county and it helps to be familiar with the practices in the county where the charge has been filed. Schedule a consultation to learn more about the benefits of an Oakland robbery attorney.

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