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About Cybelle Perez-Lopez

Cybelle Pérez López is a dedicated marketing professional with a passion for driving results and delivering exceptional performance. With a strong background in marketing and communications, she brings valuable insight to her role as a Marketing Assistant for The Nieves Law Firm. Cybelle is bilingual and can read, write, and speak Spanish fluently.

Cybelle’s journey in the marketing field began after she graduated from Universidad DeLaSalle Bajío with a bachelor’s degree in communications. Throughout her career, Cybelle has flourished in a number of different marketing-related projects. She has a proven track record in developing and executing marketing strategies to increase brand visibility and drive customer engagement. Her previous work experience includes managing social media platforms, creating compelling content, and coordinating marketing events and campaigns.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Cybelle is actively involved in volunteer work and has made meaningful contributions to the community. Her commitment to making a positive impact aligns with her values and demonstrates her dedication to giving back.

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