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About Sterling George

Legal Assistant Sterling George is a Bay Area native, born and raised in Contra Costa County. After graduating high school, Sterling decided it was time for a change and enlisted in the United States Air Force, where she completed a six-year tour as a military police officer with two deployments overseas. Her experience working as a military police officer is what ultimately led to her interest in the legal field, and some of the injustices she saw is what led her to pursue a career in criminal defense. She is a firm believer that all individuals deserve and should receive a second chance in life.

It was during her first deployment in Turkey, where she lived through a Turkish military coup, when her interest in the legal and political world piqued. On her second deployment in Africa, she worked on humanitarian efforts to contribute to the local village and obtain resources to help sustain life. This helped expand her passion for giving back to a community.

After her tour, Sterling moved back to the Bay and embarked on her journey of attending the University of California, Berkeley. She is currently finishing up her undergraduate degree in Political Science with the plan of attending law school and becoming a criminal defense attorney in the near future. Sterling’s primary goal is to become a criminal defense attorney and continue giving back to the community by teaching individuals their rights and providing second chances.

When Sterling takes a break from studying or helping clients, she loves to try new restaurants, go to concerts, and explore new destinations around California. She is also an avid gym-goer.

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