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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          How Often Should I Expect To Meet With My Attorney In The First 30 Days?

          How often you should expect to meet with your attorney in the first 30 days really depends on your attorney’s office, and the type of case that you are charged with. We are lucky enough to have a system that makes it convenient for clients to communicate and engage with us electronically, to message us, to check their documents, and to look up their next court dates. Many times it’s not necessary for the client to come into the office in the first 30 days because there is so much communication that can be done online. In addition to that, with misdemeanor cases, until the charges have been filed and the arraignment actually takes place, there is not much that is going on within the first 30 days besides information gathering.

          During the initial stages, we are working on getting our hands on the discovery. We are pre-trying the case, negotiating with the District Attorney, and seeing if there are any motions that need to be filed. It’s not until roughly midway through the case when you can anticipate meeting with your attorney on a more frequent basis, whether that’s to prepare for a hearing, preparing for a trial, or to prepare for a negotiated disposition. During the first 30 days, we do need to conduct an extensive intake about your background, your priors, what happened the day of the accusations, your family, your education, your community involvement, and your immigration status. This intake is far more in depth than you initial intake and consultation. This way, you and your attorney can get familiar with one another, and your attorney can discover any mitigating circumstances that could be helpful in dealing with your case.

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