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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          DVRO + Sexual Battery

          Outcome: Dismissed

          Client was accused of felony sexual battery and was served with a summons for a Restraining Order by client’s ex-partner. The Restraining Order was ultimately dismissed after we filed a detailed response to counter each of Petitioner’s accusations and criminal charges were rejected.

          Sexual Assault

          Outcome: Dismissed

          Client, a juvenile, was accused of sexual assault by another minor. The client and client’s family were distraught at the seriousness of these charges and how a conviction would affect the client’s future. We defended client against a Restraining Order by the parents of the alleged “victim”, which was ultimately dismissed. Thus, our client’s reputation was saved, the client’s future was unobstructed, and no expulsion from school took place.  Criminal charges were not filed and matter was certified as detention only.

          Child Abuse, Drug Charges

          Outcome: Dismissed

          Client was accused of felony child abuse by the child’s mother during an ongoing custody dispute. Upon review of the body worn cameras it was apparent that the arrest for resisting arrest and possession of a controlled substance was unlawful. Our client maintained his innocence and we rejected the prosecution’s offer – setting the case for trial and filing a motion to obtain the personnel record for the arresting officers and a motion to suppress illegally obtained evidence. Ultimately, all charges were dismissed without a trial.

          Felon in Possession of Firearm

          Outcome: 3yr SP

          Client was suffering with addiction and was accused of kidnapping a family member and threatening to take his own life with a shotgun. He was charged with several felony charges including kidnapping and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.  There was over a decade of exposure and strike allegations.  The matter resolved for a non-strike disposition of PC 29800 and an amended 245(a)(4) for three years state prison concurrent and the kidnapping offense and other status enhancements were dismissed.

          Drug Charges

          Outcome: Dismissed and Sealed

          Client was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and narcotic paraphernalia. The Nieves Law Firm successfully litigated the case to drug court, getting all the charges dismissed, and then had the case and arrest record sealed.

          Contracting Without a License

          Outcome: Stipulated Early Termination and Dismissal Upon Payment of Fine

          Client was arrested after an investigation by the CA State Licensing Board. The client was accused of violating two Business and Professions codes regarding false advertising and contracting without a license.  The Nieves Law Firm helped protect his business and his professional reputation, obtaining a deferred entry of judgement and having the case be dismissed and the record sealed.

          4 felony counts of fraud: Misrepresentation, Perjury Welfare

          Outcome: Case Dismissed

          This client was accused by the state welfare department of 4 felony counts of fraud including misrepresentation and perjury, which would have potentially resulted in severe immigration consequences including deportation. The Nieves Law Firm was able to negotiate a disposition where the client attend a theft-class, the criminal case was dismissed, and client’s immigration status was protected.

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