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          Possession of Methamphetamines with Immigration Consequences

          Outcome – Case Dismissed after Completion of Drug Court

          Client charged with misdemeanor Possession of Methamphetamines (HS 11377(a)) in San Mateo County. Due to the nature of the crime, the client was facing potential immigration consequences. The Nieves Law Firm worked to achieve a resolution that led to dismissal of the case upon successful completion of diversion.

          Marijuana Possession for Sale

          Outcome – All Charges Dismissed and Property Ordered to be Returned to Client

          Client charged with Possession of Marijuana for Sale of (HS 11359(B)), misdemeanor Selling Marijuana without a License (HS 11360(A)(2)), and Reckless Driving (VC 23103(A)) in Alameda County after being pulled over for a traffic violation. Our team was able to get all charges dismissed and the property, inclusive of thousands of dollars, returned to the client upon dismissal.

          Possession of a Controlled Substance

          Outcome – Deferred Entry of Judgment

          Client charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance (HS 11350(a)) in Alameda County. The Nieves Law Firm was able to file a Motion to Quash, Motion to Traverse, and Motion to Reveal the Identity of a Confidential Informant that led to the successful resolution of the case as a three-month deferred prosecution and dismissal with 25 Narcotics Anonymous classes.

          Airport Drug Charges

          Outcome – Case Dismissed

          Client charged with felony Possession for Sale of a Controlled Substance (HS 11360(a)(3)(D)) in Alameda County after TSA agents found over five pounds of marijuana in their luggage at the Oakland International Airport. Since the charge was a felony, the client was facing serious penalties if found guilty. The Nieves Law Firm attorneys worked diligently to secure an outright dismissal of the case.

          Misdemeanor Domestic Battery

          Outcome: Case Dismissed without Trial

          Client was charged with a misdemeanor domestic battery under Penal Code 243(e)(1) in Santa Clara County. Through negotiations with the District Attorney, our team was able to secure a case dismissal without trial. Client was also not subjected to potentially severe immigration consequences.

          Motion to Vacate (Immigration Purposes)

          Outcome: Motion to Vacate Granted

          Client was previously convicted of three different crimes related to the possession and sale of marijuana. The Nieves Law Firm filed a Motion to Vacate in Orange County on behalf of the client. The District Attorney had no objections and the Motion to Vacate was granted.

          Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO)

          Outcome: Restraining Order Denied and Sealed

          Client hired us to represent him in a domestic violence restraining order filed in Alameda County. Through a mediated agreement, we were able to get the case resolved. We went on to help the client file a petition to seal the restraining order. While these petitions are rarely granted, we were able to get the court to grant our request to seal the restraining order and accompanying settlement documents.

          Multiple Misdemeanor Domestic Battery Charges

          Outcome: Both Cases Dismissed Prior to Trial

          Client was facing two separate misdemeanor domestic battery charges in Alameda County. Our team was able to secure a case dismissal for both charges prior to trial.

          First Offese DUI

          Outcome: No Charges Filed

          Client hired us as they were under investigation for a first-offense DUI in Alameda County related to them blowing a .09% BAC (over the .08% legal limit). We were able to actively monitor the situation in the precharging stage and were able to help the client avoid criminal charges as no charges were filed.

          Title IX Sexual Assault Allegations

          Outcome: No Criminal Charges Filed & Detention

          Client, a juvenile, was accused of sexual assault by another minor. The client and client’s family were distraught at the seriousness of these charges and how a conviction would affect the client’s future. We defended client against a Restraining Order by the parents of the alleged “victim”, which was ultimately dismissed. Thus, our client’s reputation was saved, the client’s future was unobstructed, and no expulsion from school took place. Criminal charges were not filed and the matter was certified as detention only.

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