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About Michael Levinsohn

Michael Levinsohn began his legal career as a public defender, gaining invaluable trial experience. Since then, he has been dedicated to private criminal defense practice. Michael’s journey led him from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, and now back to the Bay Area, where he continued to litigate and try cases, accumulating a remarkable record of over sixty jury trials and hundreds of litigated motions in every kind of case: murder, narcotics, sex charges, and DUIs.

Graduating from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 1989, Michael has remained dedicated to justice. His passion lies in case preparation, whether for settlement or trial. He emphasizes the importance of close communication with his clients and always spends a lot of time talking with them. “My clients can help me more than anyone else” is his saying, acknowledging their significant contributions to the process.

Michael grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was educated in the Midwest, but the best advice he got was from a freshman advisor who told him to learn Spanish. This decision has allowed him to travel and live in Mexico and keep learning the language. Michael understands the complexities of criminal defense work and believes that speaking Spanish makes him more effective in helping people. His dedication to working cases up ensures him to get the best possible outcome, always dedicated to providing exceptional representation to every client.

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