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Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

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Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart Specifically In Handling Criminal Cases?

I think the approach that we take sets our firm apart. We leverage technology to provide a streamlined and efficient process for our clients. Our electronic process is designed to make our client’s life easier and make things more convenient for them. We take on the heavy load, so that a client can get back to doing what they are supposed to be doing, whether that means taking care of their family, getting into treatment, or going to work – that is what their time should be focused. We focus on the case, communicate with them, provide them with documentation, and respond to their questions with as little disruption to their daily lives as possible. We make ourselves accessible through our electronic system, and we genuinely care about them and the outcome of their case.

Another thing that sets us apart is we are honestly not going to take on every single client that walks through the door. That’s primarily because we want our clients to set and maintain goals for their future and we want to be a part in helping them achieve those goals. Potential clients that are not interested in making a life or a lifestyle change, are not willing to follow the office policies and procedures, or those who are not polite or cooperative with staff are not best suited for our office. Clients who really want an attorney who is going to fight for them, care for them, empower them and create a relationship based on trust are specific types of clients that we are interested in helping.

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