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About Rogelio Briseno

Rogelio’s friendly personality and genuine interest in people make him a natural connector. He engages deeply to understand our clients in every interaction. At The Nieves Law Firm, we recognize the importance of a positive first impression. Rogelio’s unique blend of skills and experience ensures that every client feels welcome, informed, and valued.

He seamlessly manages the flow of visitors and phone calls, ensuring a positive first impression for everyone who wishes to connect with the firm. Rogelio is fluent in English and Spanish, and his current studies in Japanese demonstrate his commitment to bridging cultural divides. This linguistic expertise allows him to effectively connect with a wider range of clients and provide exceptional service.

Previously, he worked at the Berkeley Art Museum, where he honed his organizational skills and developed a keen eye for detail. Rogelio has also recently completed a mentorship program at his former high school. His dedication to helping others shines through in his interactions with everyone he meets.

Rogelio’s Bay Area roots run deep, as he was born and raised in the region. He has a strong appreciation for the world of animation and visual storytelling. In his free time, he enjoys practicing and perfecting the art of calligraphy. Additionally, he actively explores different cultures through foreign television shows and actively seeks opportunities to learn new languages.

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