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About Manuel Mendez

Manuel Mendez is a File Clerk at The Nieves Law Firm, assisting attorneys and clients throughout the case. As someone who enjoys helping others, Manuel Mendez uses his wide array of professional and personal experiences to provide great service to those who contact The Nieves Law Firm. Having lived abroad multiple times, Manuel has an open mind and carefully listens to better understand all people, something that has proven valuable in his work at The Nieves Law Firm. He is bilingual and can read, write, and speak both English and Spanish, while also communicating in French and Mandarin at a basic level.

Manuel attended Universidad Galileo de Guatemala where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Prior to joining The Nieves Law Firm, Manuel worked for an immigration firm in San Diego where he obtained a better understanding of the legal field and the accompanying processes throughout the legal system. He also has previous experience working for a government institution in Guatemala, which has provided him with ample insight into the complex rules and regulations that both government and the legal field share.

When Manuel is not assisting attorneys or clients at The Nieves Law Firm, he enjoys spending his free time reading books, working out, and traveling. His ultimate goal is to visit all the continents in the world, not including Antarctica.

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