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    Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Oakland Restraining Order Lawyer

          Restraining Order defense is an area of the law that requires knowledgeable and trustworthy Oakland restraining order attorneys with substantial experience. When looking to defend your freedoms and challenge a possible restraining order taken out against you, our exemplary defense lawyers will support you every step of the way in a professional manner, offering advice and representation that always reflects your interests.

          Restraining Orders are taken to protect the person who took out the order from abuse, threats of violence and ongoing harassment by the named party in the order. Contact including phone calls, text messages, e-mails, social media interactions and physical distance are examples of prohibited contact included in a restraining order.

          Types of Restraining Orders

          California Courts tend to issue four type of Restraining Orders:

          There are, however, a number of legitimate defenses to combat a request for a restraining order that can help protect your liberties, freedoms and safeguard your valuable reputation against false claims. Here at The Nieves Law Firm our Oakland restraining order attorneys know that you may be the victim of a multitude of circumstances regarding your civil harassment case, and are experienced in mounting the following defenses:

          • A lack of credible threat
          • Lack of conduct that amounts to harassment
          • False allegations
          • The issuing party failed to provide meet their burden of proof with sufficient evidence

          Building a Defense

          Our skilled Oakland restraining order lawyers are committed to always providing our clients with prompt, practical and professional assistance in order to help them with mounting a strategic defense. We will explain the legal process, advocate on your behalf, put forth a strong plan of attack for trial and communicate with you along the way.

          How an Oakland Restraining Order Attorney Can Help

          We are a dedicated team of Oakland restraining order attorneys and we believe that our clients should always be up to date with a real-time understanding of their case as it progresses. Regardless of what your issue may be, The Nieves Law Firm is well equipped to assist with the legal challenges and is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction at all times. We offer sliding scale services and are results driven. Our aim is to meet and exceed all of your expectations and attain the best results for you possible.

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            Client Reviews

            By: Kevin S

            Title: The Best Choice

            The Nieves Law Firm is the best choice for anyone with a pending criminal case or concern. In my experience referring clients to them and seeing their work, I’m impressed by the way they support and counsel their clients. Firm owner and principal attorney Jo-Anna Nieves always puts her clients’ interests first, and her staff maintains this focus on client care. Jo-Anna is also an expert in post-conviction relief. This includes expungement, motions to vacate, plea withdrawal, and other forms of relief. With her years of experience and knowledge in this specialized area of criminal law, she helps clients clear their records and get a fresh start. I highly recommend the Nieves Law Firm.

            Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars
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