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          Oakland Contempt Lawyer

          Contempt law is a complicated, difficult and often confusing field of law. Our skilled team of Oakland contempt lawyers has many years of experience with these challenging issues and always aim to achieve results through a combination of our experience and professionalism. Our defense attorneys place our clients’ best interests at heart and fight to defend their freedom, protect their reputation, and secure the best outcome in their matter. En Español.

          Contempt of Court

          Contempt charges can surface when an individual subjected to a court order fails to suitably comply with the requirements of the order, even though they have the ability to comply. Contempt orders can occur in both a civil and criminal context with different punishments between the two. Family law cases where children, custody, and support are involved are particularly troublesome – such as actions to enforce a custody order. Contempt actions that originate in family law court are quasi-criminal in nature and can result in actual jail time if found in contempt of court, in which case an Oakland contempt attorney should be consulted.

          What is Criminal Contempt?

          Direct Criminal Contempt is defined as any behavior that is deemed to be inappropriate or disrespectful to the court and its process that occurs in the court’s presence. Examples include displaying a disrespectful attitude to a judge, loudly interrupting the court process, refusing to be sworn in as a witness, disobeying court orders, or falsely portraying an account of court proceedings. Punishments for Criminal Contempt range from up to six months jail time to fines up to $1,000.

          Indirect contempt occurs when a court order is disobeyed outside the presence of the court.  It is usually reported by another party or to the police and then makes its way back to the courtroom by way of a criminal complaint.

          What is Civil Contempt?

          Civil Contempt in California courts are usually used to enforce child support, spousal support, child custody and visitation rights. Examples of actions that could lead to a contempt order include the violation of a restraining order, a failure to pay the necessary child and spousal support, a refusal to return a child after a scheduled visitation or the refusing to grant visitation rights to an individual. There are, however, defenses that can be mounted against these contempt charges and here at The Nieves Law Firm we focus on building a strong defense and we work smart and hard in order to achieve the best results for your case.

          Hiring an Oakland Contempt of Court Attorney

          Our Oakland contempt lawyers provide support in building a strong defense against contempt charges and offer experienced, professional representation in court. We place your interests first and prioritize your freedom. We are committed to providing all of our clients with top-notch, professional, caring, and results-driven assistance in order to build the best defense strategy possible whilst keeping the client up to date and fighting for the best outcome.

          We are a trustworthy team of Contempt attorneys and we believe that our clients should always be up to date with a real-time understanding of their case as it progresses. Contempt can have serious consequences and penalties so it is important to equip yourself with a quality Oakland contempt lawyer to assist with this complicated field of law. Regardless of your issue, The Nieves Law Firm is well equipped to provide assistance with the legal challenges you are facing and is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction at all times. Call us today.

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            By: Stephen R

            Title: Great experience

            I had a great experience with The Nieves Law Firm. Roxane Farmer was the attorney assigned to my case and made me feel comfortable and confident during a very difficult time. I hope to never use her services again - but if I need them, I will not hesitate to pick this firm over all others. This team of lawyers and staff did everything they could to help me, and did it well. The legal process is difficult to begin with - but having a strong team, with a very human and highly skilled attorney helping me through was something I was afraid I would not find.

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