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    Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Dublin Criminal Lawyer

          Being charged with a crime can be unsettling and even frightening. Many people may have little or no familiarity with either the criminal justice system or the court system. As a result, they may not know what to do at each step of the process or how to best defend themselves.

          If you are in such a situation, a seasoned Dublin criminal lawyer could be committed to working with you to protect your rights. A dedicated attorney could advise you about your legal options, represent you in court hearings, and file any necessary paperwork on your behalf. They could also represent you if your case goes to trial to ensure you put forth the best possible defense for your case. En Español.

          Types of Criminal Charges in Dublin

          There are two primary types of criminal charges in California: misdemeanors and felonies. Generally, the state classifies more serious crimes as felonies, including many violent crimes and any involving deadly weapons. Less serious crimes are usually misdemeanors and there is also a type of crime called an infraction which is the equivalent of a speeding ticket and does not carry jail time with it but rather is typically tied to a fine.

          Felony charges usually include the possibility of imprisonment in state prison. By contrast, misdemeanors include time in county jail. In either situation, a Dublin attorney could provide further information on the different types of criminal charges and how to defend against them.

          Arrest and Arraignment

          Any person who is arrested in Dublin has the right to speak with an attorney, according to California Penal Code §825. No matter the type of crime, police officers usually need probable cause or confirmation from a credible witness in order to arrest an individual.

          Additionally, CA Penal Code §825 states that law enforcement must bring the arrested individual before a judge within 48 hours for an arraignment hearing. At the arraignment, the judge must inform the individual of the charges against them and ask whether they plead guilty or not guilty. Under CA Penal Code §858, the judge must also inform the individual that they are entitled to a criminal lawyer who can be based out of Dublin or anywhere else in California to represent them at every stage of the legal process.

          If the defendant is charged with a felony and pleads not guilty, they are entitled to a preliminary examination of the case under CA Penal Code §859b. This examination must be done at the earliest possible time, generally within ten days of the arraignment. The purpose of the examination is to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to hold the defendant for further proceedings.

          How a Dublin Criminal Attorney Could Help

          Many people who are accused of crimes miss opportunities to defend themselves due to the potentially confusing and overwhelming nature of California criminal cases. To better protect yourself, contact a Dublin criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

          Each criminal case is different, but a skilled attorney could review your specific situation to make sure we provide the best advice possible. They could also conduct any investigations necessary to help bolster your defense.

          The goal of any seasoned lawyer is to provide you with the legal resources you need, so that you are informed about your defense options and know what to expect. If you need assistance with any current or pending criminal charge, call today to schedule an initial consultation.

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