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About Vivian Coura

Vivian is an experienced marketing professional with over 15 years in the field. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Advertisement in 2009 and also pursued a Branding MBA and a Project Management MBA. Her career path has encompassed diverse roles, focusing on creativity, results-driven strategies, and effective problem-solving in the marketing landscape.

Vivian values the connection between marketing, services, and customer needs and believes that success is reached from the alignment of marketing with quality services and happy customers. Fluent in both English and Portuguese, she is well-versed in reading, writing, and speaking in both languages. Additionally, she can communicate in Spanish at a basic level.

Vivian is happily married to an IT developer and is a mother of two little girls. In her free time, she enjoys simple activities such as staying with her family, watching movies, and traveling. Vivian also has a background in professional dancing, contributing to the diverse experiences that shape her personality and creativity.

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