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    Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Walnut Creek Criminal Defense Lawyer

          All criminal charges have the potential to cause personal, professional, and legal consequences. If you have prior convictions on your record, the potential penalties could be even more severe.  One problem that could arise is that the state might be less inclined to work with you throughout the legal process, and give you a more fair opportunity to resolve your case. Along with potential jail time, probation, and fines, you might face other penalties that extend to other parts of your life, such as your right to vote.

          Dealing with a criminal charge is something you should not do alone. You should not face the state without the help of a reliable criminal defense lawyer. A seasoned Walnut Creek criminal defense lawyer could help ensure that your legal rights are protected and fight for your best interests.

          How could having a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help?

          Criminal charges are typically categorized as misdemeanor offenses, or felony offenses. Most traffic cases are considered violations, and are not considered to be a criminal case. A criminal defense lawyer could help defend an accused individual against many types of state charges and federal criminal violations, including:

          Each individual’s case is different, so it is crucial to seek the assistance of a lawyer that understands the importance of thoroughly investigating a case and fighting for an individual’s legal rights every step of the way. A dedicated Walnut Creek criminal defense lawyer understands the many types of criminal charges under state and federal law and the potential legal defenses that might be available to an accused individual.

          Steps to Take After Being Arrested in Walnut Creek

          If law enforcement informs someone that they are under investigation of having committed a crime, or under arrest, the situation might seem overwhelming and lead to severe stress and anxiety. In these situations, it is critical to understand that police officers and state prosecutors are not looking out for an accused individual’s best interests. For that reason, the following list includes rights that individuals’ have when they are under investigation or have been arrested:

          • They can refrain from speaking with police or making statements without a legal professional present
          • They can refuse to talk about a pending case with other individuals, especially while in jail or on the phone in jail
          • They do not have to consent to law enforcement’s request to search a home, vehicle, or other property without a warrant.
          • They can request that law enforcement provide a search warrant signed by a judge.
          • They can have a criminal defense lawyer is present at all court appearances
          • They can consult with an attorney about the possible legal defenses in the case rather than assuming there are no defenses and just giving up
          • They secure the advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer  about potential sentencing options or negotiation tactics that can work in their favor.

          When someone’s freedom is on the line, they may be unsure about who to trust with their case; however, the criminal justice system is full of complex rules and procedures and people who try to defend themselves may find themselves overwhelmed and ill-prepared. A well-versed criminal defense lawyer in Walnut Creek could provide an honest evaluation of a person’s case and help determine the best course of action under the law.

          Speak with a Walnut Creek Criminal Defense Lawyer Now

          If you are facing the life-altering penalties and consequences associated with a criminal charge, you should seek a legal professional to help guide you through the legal process. An experienced Walnut Creek criminal defense lawyer could help investigate your case to determine your legal defenses and options for securing a favorable result through lesser penalties or a dismissal. Call today for a case evaluation.

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