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About Alex Rizzato

Alex Rizzato is an Investigator at The Nieves Law Firm, providing our attorneys with someone they can rely on as they work through the criminal justice process for their clients. Alex has ample experience in the criminal justice system, having worked in California Law Enforcement for nearly 20 years, attaining the rank of Sergeant. Having thorough experience in the California justice system, Alex felt an imbalance within the system. He made the decision to switch his career to help those who really need his help, and transitioned from law enforcement to investigator. Alex uses his prior work experience to help defend the clients we represent by ensuring law enforcement agencies are following the correct policies and procedures when investigating crimes.

Alex’s certifications and experience make him an invaluable asset at The Nieves Law Firm, and one that most law firms and attorneys do not have access to. He has received a number of certifications related to the investigation of crimes which are listed at the end of this bio. This provides Alex and The Nieves Law Firm’s team with firsthand insight into the tactics law enforcement officers use and how they are supposed to be utilized to safely conduct operations. During his law enforcement career, he worked in various capacities including Criminal Investigations Bureau as a Detective, County Gang Task Force, and the department’s Plain Clothes Unit as a Supervisor, as well as a short stint in the Criminal Investigations Bureau as a Detective Supervisor.

Alex holds Bachelor of Arts degrees from the Virginia Military Institute in International Politics and Forensic Psychology and is currently attaining his Master of Science degree from the University of Southern California in Criminal Justice, as well as becoming a Certified Cyber Crime Investigator through the US Department of Justice. Prior to joining The Nieves Law Firm Alex joined the private sector, specializing in Insurance Fraud Investigations for various large insurance corporations, where not only did he gain a wealth of experience, but attained numerous certifications.

When Alex is not investigating cases for attorneys and clients, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and working out. He is happily married to a Postpartum NICU nurse and is a father of two small children.

Alex has a myriad of investigation experience and certifications, including: California Law Enforcement POST Certifications in Background Investigator, Homicide Investigator, Sexual Assault Investigator, Advanced Internet Crimes Against Children Investigator Certification, Supervising Human Trafficking/ VICE Investigations, Basic & Advanced Gang Investigator, Basic and Advanced Narcotic Investigator, Supervising Undercover Rolling Surveillance Unit Certification, Supervising High Risk Undercover Units Certification, Advanced Interview/Interrogation, Basic and Advanced SWAT/ Sniper Certifications, several Advanced Law Enforcement Supervisor School Certifications, Cal DOJ Wiretap Certified, multiple Bureau of Justice Administration NW3C Cyber Crime Investigations Certifications, numerous NICTA Certifications, Criminal Defense Investigator Certification, multiple OSINT Certifications

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