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About Brittney Evans

Brittney, originally from Los Angeles, CA, began her academic journey at Santa Monica College before transferring to the University of Phoenix in Northern California, where she earned her degree in Business Administration in 2017.

Post-graduation, Brittney pursued her entrepreneurial aspirations, delving into party and event planning, showcasing her adeptness in leadership. Her first role out of college saw her swiftly rising to the position of property manager at a local storage property in Northern California. Here, she played a crucial role in employee onboarding and spearheaded training initiatives across various locations, bolstering sales and marketing efforts.

Transitioning to the medical field, Brittney assumed the role of a patient coordinator, nurturing her affection for patients. Her inherent enjoyment in assisting others and her deep-seated passion for aiding people in need have been guiding forces throughout her career. Brittney’s compassion for individuals struggling and her unwavering belief in the power of second chances have always been intrinsic to her professional ethos. Her motto, “just because you’ve been through something doesn’t mean you have to live it,” underscores her philosophy of resilience and renewal, advocating for embracing change and seizing new opportunities.

During Brittney’s free time, she likes relaxing at the beach, hiking, party planning, learning a new recipe and spending time with her two children and husband. Watching sports is also fun and every once in a while she’ll play some basketball with youth just to show them she’s still got it.


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