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The Persistent Legal Problem: We Understand

We understand that finding yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney can be a deeply overwhelming and stressful experience. You may be wrestling with feelings of uncertainty, fear, and confusion – and we know it’s hard to talk about. There is often an uncomfortable taboo associated with being accused of a crime; however, over 80 million people in the US, nearly 1 in every 3 adults, have a criminal record. That doesn’t even account for the people who were charged with a crime but never convicted or situations that led to a restraining order but no arrest. Understand that you’re not alone in your situation, and you have the right to feel supported.

At The Nieves Law Firm, we are here to guide you through these difficult times, providing expertise and compassionate counsel to navigate the complex legal landscape. Whether you’re facing criminal charges, dealing with a restraining order issue, or need post-conviction relief to move forward in life, your concerns are our priority. Our goal is to provide clear, understandable answers to the questions you may have, such as:

Top-Rated Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving the Bay Area

The Nieves Law Firm is dedicated to providing aggressive criminal defense representation to working professionals who have found themselves in trouble with the law. We show up to win, and we’re not afraid to fight aggressively to accomplish our client’s goals.

We understand that being accused of a crime can be a scary and confusing experience. That’s why we take the stress off our clients by handling the full scope of their legal situation from the initial consultation to the final outcome. Our bilingual attorneys and staff are here to ensure that our clients feel heard and understood every step of the way.

As one of the largest criminal defense teams in Oakland and the Greater Bay Area, we have the resources and experience to handle even the most complex cases. Our experienced team examines various aspects of your case and, perhaps most importantly, we genuinely care about our clients and their future. We take the time to learn about their goals and priorities so that we can achieve an outcome that allows them to move past their mistakes and focus on the future they want. When you work with us, you become part of our team.

Our Team

Our skilled criminal defense attorneys have experience handling a wide range of criminal cases. With a deep understanding of the legal system and a track record of successful cases, our lawyers are committed to achieving the best possible outcome in your case.

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Our Criminal Defense Attorneys: How to Take Back Control of Your Life, And Your Future.

When facing a criminal charge, having dedicated and experienced attorneys on your side is critical. At The Nieves Law Firm, we understand the gravity of your situation, and our criminal defense attorneys provide unwavering support and legal guidance.

From the moment you reach out to us, we prioritize your well-being and legal interests. Our criminal lawyers are with you every step of the way, from arrest to hearings and beyond, to ensure that your rights are protected. Whether you’re facing charges related to DUI, drug offenses, assault, sex crimes or any other allegation, we have the knowledge and courtroom experience to fight vigorously on your behalf.

We believe in the power of collaboration and will actively involve you in the decision-making process, ensuring you are well-informed and empowered to make the best choices for your defense. Our goal is not only to navigate the legal complexities but also to provide you with the peace of mind and reassurance you deserve during this challenging time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cases do criminal defense attorneys handle?

Criminal defense attorneys handle a wide range of cases, including DUI offenses, drug crimes, assault and battery charges, theft, sex crimes, domestic violence, and more. They have the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system, regardless of the specific charges you are facing.

How can a criminal defense attorney help me?

A criminal defense attorney can assist you by providing legal representation and guidance if you are facing criminal charges. With experience in criminal law and the legal system, they can analyze your case, identify potential defenses, and develop a strategic approach to protect your rights and interests. They can also negotiate on your behalf with prosecutors to potentially reduce charges or penalties, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and present a strong defense in court.

Should I hire a criminal defense attorney if I'm innocent?

Yes, it is highly recommended to hire a criminal defense attorney even if you believe you are innocent. A skilled attorney can help protect your rights, navigate the legal system, and build a strong defense on your behalf. They can investigate the issues, gather evidence or dispute the evidence presented by the other side, challenge the prosecution’s case as a whole, and present your arguments effectively in court.

How do I choose the right criminal defense attorney for my case?

Choosing the right criminal defense attorney is crucial.

Here are some steps to help you select the right one:

  • Look for attorneys who focus on criminal defense and have experience with cases similar to yours.
  • Consider an attorney with a proven track record of success in handling criminal cases, preferably with a good understanding of local laws and court procedures.
  • Read client testimonials, check online reviews, and seek recommendations from trusted sources to get insights into an attorney’s reputation and performance.
  • Schedule a consultation with a potential attorney to discuss your case. Ask about their strategies, communication style, fees, and level of commitment to your defense.
What should I do if I've been arrested but haven't been charged with a crime?

If you have been arrested but haven’t been charged with a crime, stay composed and avoid making any statements or admissions to the police until you have legal representation by your side. Clearly and assertively ask for a criminal defense attorney. It is your constitutional right to have legal representation during questioning or any subsequent proceedings. Your attorney can guide you through the process, protect your rights, and provide advice tailored to your situation.

Can a criminal defense lawyer help with an expungement or record sealing?

Yes, a criminal defense lawyer can assist you with expungement or record sealing. These legal processes aim to dismiss past convictions or limit public access to your criminal record, which can have significant benefits for employment, housing, and other aspects of your life. An experienced criminal defense attorney can evaluate your eligibility, guide you through the necessary steps, and advocate for you in court to help expunge or seal your criminal record.

How can I get my life back on track?

Rebuilding your life after a criminal defense case can be challenging. Here are a few resources that may help you find your footing:

  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs: Consider seeking help from organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) for support with substance abuse issues.
  • Counseling and Therapy Services: Engage in individual or family counseling to address emotional and psychological challenges.
  • Expungement: Explore the possibility of having your criminal record expunged or sealed, which can improve your chances of finding employment and housing.
  • Reentry Services: Utilize reentry programs that provide support and resources for individuals transitioning back into society after involvement with the criminal justice system.
  • Job Assistance Programs: Seek assistance from job training and placement programs specifically designed to help individuals with criminal records find employment.

Seeking guidance from a criminal defense attorney is crucial as they can provide personalized advice tailored to your situation.

How will this impact my family?

A criminal defense case can have significant emotional, financial, and social implications for your family. The impact will vary depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. If your family is involved in the process, it may be helpful to seek support from professionals, such as therapists or counselors, who can help navigate the challenges.

Am I going to jail?

Whether you will go to jail or not depends on various factors, including the nature of the charges, the strength of the evidence against you, and the effectiveness of your defense strategy. The ultimate decision depends on the negotiations between the prosecutor and defense attorney or the judge overseeing your sentencing. Consulting with a criminal defense attorney is crucial to understand the potential outcomes and develop a strong defense.

Is this going on my criminal record?

Arrests and criminal convictions will go on your criminal record; however, there are a number of different factors that could impact what may show up on the record. First and foremost, you have the opportunity to defend yourself against criminal allegations. Also, a dismissal or not guilty verdict will help show that you were not convicted of the crime you were arrested for. You also have the opportunity to address the prior convictions through post-conviction relief. There are many different forms of conviction relief that achieve different goals. For example, you can get your arrest sealed through a petition to the court, be deemed factually innocent, or even have certain convictions vacated altogether as legally invalid. We have ample experience with post-conviction relief and would be happy to discuss your goals to determine which option may be best based on your specific circumstances.

Will I lose my job?

The potential impact on your employment depends on several factors, such as the nature of your job, the terms of your employment contract, and your employer’s policies. Certain criminal convictions can lead to job loss, while in other cases, alternative resolutions may be possible. It is important to consult with a criminal defense attorney who can guide you on the potential impact on your employment.

What are my options?

The options available in a criminal defense case will depend on the specific circumstances, charges, and evidence involved. Some potential options may include negotiating a plea bargain, mounting a defense strategy that suppresses evidence, seeking alternative resolutions, or preparing the case for trial. To determine the best course of action, it is essential to consult with a criminal defense attorney who can assess your case, strategize with you, and provide appropriate advice based on their experience.

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