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          Nadia Khechfe
          Nadia Khechfe Lead Client Intake Specialist
          • Nadia was a member of The University of Kansas Swimming and Diving team, where she received “Diver of the Year” accolades three out of four years and served as Team Captain her senior year.
          • She previously worked as a Supervisor of Intake at a leading criminal defense firm in her hometown.
          • Nadia plans on attending law school in the near future and becoming a criminal defense attorney.
          • As a former college athlete, she has a passion for coaching and mentoring young individuals who are looking to play sports in college.
          About Nadia Khechfe

          Nadia Khechfe is the supervisor of the intake team and the lead client intake specialist at The Nieves Law Firm, conducting a needs analysis and exploring legal options with incoming clients. If you plan on hiring The Nieves Law Firm, you will likely speak to Nadia at some point in the hiring process. Nadia has firsthand experience witnessing how law enforcement unfairly treats minorities. Furthermore, she understands how the criminal justice system is stacked against minorities and the less fortunate, which fuels her desire to help find effective legal counsel for individuals facing criminal charges. Nadia believes utilizing defense attorneys and the criminal justice system are the best ways to hold law enforcement accountable for their wrongdoings.

          A Midwest native, Nadia is originally from Nebraska. She attended the University of Kansas on an athletic scholarship where she earned recognition from the Big 12 Conference for her high athletic achievements. She graduated in 2018, majoring in Journalism with a minor in Communications. Following graduation, Nadia volunteered with the People of Peru Project in Iquitos, Peru, then attended Duke University’s D.C. Summer Institute on Law and Policy in Washington D.C. to expand her legal knowledge.

          Nadia has ample experience leading a team. In her first position out of college, Nadia worked at a local law firm in Nebraska as the Supervisor of their Intake Department. She was instrumental in creating and launching a new intake system designed to make the process as seamless as possible for potential clients, increasing client retention rates and customer satisfaction. She also assisted the firm with marketing tasks such as planning events, social media, client relations, and sales. Nadia always knew she wanted to work in the criminal defense field, and after working at the firm, her passion for criminal defense was confirmed and her desire to help people grew. She feels empathy for those fighting what may be the biggest battle of their lives.

          During Nadia’s free time, she likes relaxing with her dog and cat (Walter and Melvin), watching sports, and chatting with her friends who are scattered around the country. Nadia’s long-term goal is to attend law school and become a criminal defense attorney.

          Our criminal defense lawyers at The Nieves Law Firm serve clients in Oakland, CA and surrounding areas, including Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Solano and San Francisco counties. Call for free consultation
          Nadia Khechfe

          Nadia Khechfe

          The Nieves Law Firm, APC
          Oakland Criminal Lawyer | California Criminal Defense
          160 Franklin St. Ste. 210
          CA 94607
          (510) 779-2082 N/A
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