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Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

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Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

How Do I Know What To Do After I Am Released From Jail?

Typically when you are released from custody, you will leave with papers telling you what to do. For example, if you are getting released pursuant to a DUI, then you will usually walk out of jail with a pink form regarding your driver’s license, a yellow citation regarding any traffic violations that occurred and a promise to appear telling you when you have to be in court, and at what location. You will be able to pick up your property, as long as it isn’t being held as evidence.

For more serious cases, where you are held in custody, you’d actually have to go to court before getting released. At that time, you’ll leave with a copy of your complaint, if charges were filed against you. The complaint is a document that says what the charges are, how many counts, where it occurred, who the alleged victim is, and what the DA is accusing you of doing. You will also receive information about your next court date and if it is a case that involves a victim (i.e. abuse, assault, etc.) then you will likely receive a criminal protective order which is a form that orders you to stay away from the victim. If you or your family did not contact an attorney while you were in custody then you should immediately contact a skilled attorney, like those at our office, upon release.

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