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          Haley Seyranian
          Haley Seyranian File Clerk/Receptionist
          • Haley plans on attending law school in the near future to pursue a law career that is centered on public interest.
          • Haley understands the harsh nature of the criminal justice system and is passionate about helping those who are caught in it.
          • Haley grew up in the east Bay Area, and she enjoys having the opportunity to help people throughout her community who need legal assistance.
          About Haley Seyranian

          Haley Seyranian is a receptionist and file clerk who is passionate about helping marginalized communities negatively impacted by our current justice system. She uses this passion to provide high quality service to our clients and our team every single day. Haley is serious about social justice and understands the unfair nature of the criminal justice system. She is a firm believer in the inherent dignity of the human person and hopes to help people caught in these systems in any way she can. Haley is a native of the Bay Area and enjoys assisting those throughout the community by finding positive resolutions to their legal needs.

          Haley recently graduated from the University of Oregon, where she majored in Political Science and minored in Philosophy and Legal Studies. In the future, Haley hopes to obtain a law degree in pursuit of working in public interest law, whether that be in the field of criminal defense or civil rights. While in college, Haley served on the ASUO (Associated Students of the University of Oregon) Senate, where she was responsible for representing the collective and constituent interest of students and overseeing the $17M ASUO budget. 

          When Haley is not studying for the LSAT or helping our team to better serve our clients, you can usually find her hiking, reading, cheering on the Oregon Ducks, and spending time with her three cats.

          Our Criminal Defense Lawyers At The Nieves Law Firm serve clients in Oakland, CA and surrounding areas, including Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Solano and San Francisco counties. Call for free consultation
          Haley Seyranian

          Haley Seyranian

          The Nieves Law Firm, APC
          Oakland Criminal Lawyer | California Criminal Defense
          160 Franklin St. Ste. 210
          CA 94607
          (510) 779-2082 N/A
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