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About Yassna Ahmadi

Yassna Ahmadi is a dedicated file clerk at The Nieves Law Firm, assisting attorneys and clients with compiling, organizing, and archiving legal documents. For Yassna, working in the legal field is more than just a job, as she plans on attending law school and becoming a criminal defense or immigration attorney. Her ultimate goal is to contribute to the betterment of the local community and assist individuals facing the often overwhelming challenges within the legal system. Yassna is also bilingual and is fluent in Dari.

Yassna attended Berkeley City College where she received associate degrees in both Political Science and Global Studies. She then transferred to UC Berkeley and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, specializing in International Relations. Yassna’s background as the daughter of two immigrants from Afghanistan has helped shape her view on the world and has driven her to a career in law. She actively assists in providing services related to college preparation and educational success for newly arrived Afghan youth refugees.

Outside of work, Yassna spends her free time watching movies, baking (cheesecake is her specialty), dancing attan, and spending time with her cat Juju.

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