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About Andres Andrade

Andres Andrade has a solid foundation in law, having obtained his degree in Spain, and then completing his studies in Ecuador, where he specialized in Criminal Litigation. His career began in Ecuador, where he worked at a law firm for seven years. Following this, Andres transitioned to working independently as a lawyer for an additional three years, further honing his skills and expertise.

Andres’ extensive experience in the legal field, particularly in criminal litigation, has equipped him with the knowledge and capabilities to effectively assist in legal matters. His background working as an independent lawyer has provided him with a unique perspective and a wealth of practical experience.

As a legal assistant, Andres uses his deep understanding of criminal litigation to support attorneys and clients in navigating complex legal challenges. He is dedicated to helping people, providing them with the necessary guidance and support to resolve their legal issues. His empathetic approach and commitment to justice make him a valuable asset to any legal team.

The youngest of four brothers, Andres values family time and enjoys being with his loved ones. In his spare time, he practices sports, reads, and watches movies and TV series. An interesting fact about Andres is his musical talent; he plays both the piano and the guitar, adding a creative flair to his multifaceted personality.

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