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About Ariana Salcedo

Ariana Salcedo, a Law Clerk at The Nieves Law Firm, brings a powerful combination of academic excellence and unwavering dedication to criminal justice. Currently a rising 3L at Golden Gate University School of Law, Ariana’s passion for the legal system blossomed during her undergraduate years at Sonoma State University. There, she honed her understanding of the legal landscape with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, while a minor in Criminal Justice Studies solidified her focus on this crucial area of law.

Fueled by a strong desire to advocate for those in need, Ariana actively contributes to The Nieves Law Firm’s legacy of excellence. Her exceptional academic background equips her with a strong foundation in legal principles, while her in-depth knowledge of criminal justice issues allows her to provide valuable support to the team. Ariana’s dedication transcends internal collaboration; her commitment to helping others shines through in her interactions with clients, ensuring they receive the best possible representation.

Beyond her academic and legal expertise, Ariana brings a spirit of intellectual curiosity and a relentless pursuit of justice. This combination makes her a vital member of The Nieves Law Firm team. We are proud to have Ariana’s expertise and unwavering enthusiasm driving our fight for justice within the criminal justice system.

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