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About Makaela Hudcovic

Makaela Hudcovic is a dedicated legal professional with an unwavering commitment to justice. Her journey into the legal field began at Hartnell College, where she had the privilege of being mentored by a seasoned judge. This early exposure ignited her enthusiasm for law and set her on a path to make a difference.

After graduating from Hartnell in 2022, Makaela continued her academic journey at San Francisco State University. Here, she not only excelled in her studies but also seized the opportunity to broaden her horizons through the university’s study abroad program. Her destination? Sciences Po in France—a prestigious institution renowned for its political sciences programs. Immersed in the vibrant legal and diplomatic community of France for a year, Makaela studied under international lawyers and diplomats, gaining invaluable insights into global legal systems and challenges.

In 2024, armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Makaela graduated from San Francisco State. Her passion for advocacy and her international perspective led her to join the esteemed team at The Nieves Law Firm. As an integral part of the firm, Makaela is committed to being a voice for those in need. Whether it’s navigating complex legal cases or ensuring justice is served, she approaches each task with dedication and expertise.

Looking ahead, Makaela has ambitious plans: she aims to pursue her own law degree. Driven by her desire to make a tangible impact in the lives of others, she continues to be an asset to The Nieves Law Firm and the clients they serve. As an office manager, advocate, and future legal professional, Makaela’s unwavering commitment to justice shines through in all she does.

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