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    Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          First Offese DUI

          Outcome: No Charges Filed

          Client hired us as they were under investigation for a first-offense DUI in Alameda County related to them blowing a .09% BAC (over the .08% legal limit). We were able to actively monitor the situation in the precharging stage and were able to help the client avoid criminal charges as no charges were filed.

          Aggravated DUI

          Outcome: Pled Down to “Wet Reckless”

          Client charged with DUI after falling asleep in her vehicle. As a mother, the client could not afford to lose her job or spend any time in jail. We were able to secure a favorable plea agreement of “Wet Reckless” despite her high BAC (Over .15%). Client did not have to spend time in custody, faced reduced fines and fees, and avoided potential professional consequences she was facing.

          Third-Offense DUI

          Outcome: Favorable Plea Agreement & No Jail Time

          Client facing third-offense DUI with multiple sentence enhancements for a high BAC (Over .15%) and a violation of probation. This is typically punishable by a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 120 days. We were able to obtain a plea deal that resulted in an ankle monitor rather than jail time, allowing the client to stay out of custody and keep his job.

          Two Drunk Driving DUIs

          Outcome: Not Guilty on One Count & Other Count Dismissed

          Client charged with two drunk driving DUIs. We conducted a bench trial on one count and were able to secure a not guilty finding and submit the order of acquittal to the DMV to prevent license suspension for the client. The other count was successfully transferred to Veteran’s Court and, after successful participation by the client, the case was dismissed completely.

          Hit and Run DUI

          Outcome: Pled to non-DUI Misdemeanor

          Client was accused of a hit and run as well as a DUI after being involved in an accident and a chemical test showing her to have a .14 BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). The Nieves Law Firm negotiated a misdemeanor non-DUI charge on behalf of our client, resulting in no license suspension, no DUI school, and no other DUI terms and conditions.

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