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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Alameda County Child Pornography Lawyer

          Child pornography is any material that shows a minor engaging in or simulating sexual conduct. With new technology, people can more easily exchange illicit content and the laws governing child pornography have had to adapt.

          If you were accused of owning or sharing sexual material containing a minor, you should consider speaking with an Alameda County child pornography lawyer. A hardworking defense attorney could build a strong case against these allegations and help protect your freedom.

          How Someone Could Be Charged with Child Pornography

          With child pornography cases, there does not have to be an actual sexual act between the defendant and a complaining witness. Oftentimes, a person is charged after being investigated over a long period and has been found to be in possession or distributing illicit content containing minors.

          A person could face a criminal charge for a variety of actions, including:

          • Possessing child pornography
          • Producing child pornography
          • Transporting child pornography
          • Selling, sharing, or otherwise distributing child pornography

          Whatever role the defendant allegedly played in the creation or distribution of child pornography, he or she should seek immediate representation from an accomplished attorney in Alameda County.

          Sexting a Minor

          With the rise of cellphones, the law now has to take into account the act of exchanging sexual materials through text when considering child pornography charges. If a someone sends or received sexual content of a minor in a text, he or she could also be criminally liable.

          Even if the person exchanging the content is a minor, these charges could still potentially apply. Child pornography cases involving sexting can be especially complicated, so it is important to work with an experienced lawyer from the area.

          When Would Federal Agencies Get Involved in a Child Pornography Case?

          In local child pornography cases, the typical investigative agencies in the area would be involved. This often includes various Alameda County police departments and the district attorney’s investigative team. Once the person being charged with child pornography contacts an experienced attorney in the area, he or she would also begin investigating the case.

          However, in many cases, federal agencies may become involved. Sometimes the local police departments and DA’s offices communicate with the federal agencies to exchange information to improve the local investigation.

          In other cases, the federal government may decide to pursue the child pornography case federally and charge the alleged offender. If the accused is already facing state charges, the federal case will take precedence over the state case. This usually occurs when illicit sexual content involving minors is exchanged over state lines or over the internet.

          Get in Touch with an Alameda County Child Pornography Attorney

          Being accused of possessing, creating, or distributing illicit materials containing minors could have serious ramifications for you personally, professionally, and legally. In some cases, you could even face federal charges. To best protect your rights, it is advisable that you work with a hardworking attorney from the area. An Alameda County child pornography lawyer could explain your rights under the law and help you build a strong defense against these allegations.

          Call today and schedule your initial case consultation with our team. Your first consultation is always free.

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