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    Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Building An Alameda Sex Crimes Defense

          Being arrested for and charged with a sex crime can be an overwhelming experience, especially when the possible penalties for a conviction can be severe. If you were charged with a sexual offense, you may feel hopeless and unsure of how to proceed.

          However, instead of trying to defend against your accusations alone, consider reaching out to a lawyer for help.  A tenacious and dedicated attorney could explain building an Alameda sex crimes defense, then work to protect your rights through each step of the legal process.

          What Does an Attorney Do First to Build a Defense?

          The first thing that a defense attorney will usually do in a sex offense case is get a statement from—or full intake with—the defendant in order to get to know them and understand their background, criminal history, and details surrounding the incident. At this stage, an accused individual could provide any witnesses or additional entities who may be able to assist in the case, so that an investigator could get statements from them, as well.

          Throughout this process, a proactive and detail-oriented attorney could dig into the background of any complaining witnesses, learn more about who has leveled allegations against the defendant, and, sometimes, even hire their own experts to analyze evidence. Furthermore, a lawyer might request additional discovery and obtain any relevant surveillance or video support in order to try to cover all possible angles of an investigation.

          The First Questions a Lawyer Will Ask

          These are several questions that a lawyer will initially ask their client, including if they have been arrested before and, if so, for what offense, as well as what their relationship is to the alleged victim. Furthermore, they may ask about their employment, ties to their family, and general background information, as well as case-specific queries.

          For example, if a case involves pornography, an attorney would ask if a computer was involved and, if so, if the defendant owned or had access to the computer. Essentially, a seasoned lawyer will try to identify what the person is trying to accomplish and what their position is so that they can help to determine a defense strategy.

          Reach Out to an Attorney About Building an Alameda Sex Crimes Defense

          If you were accused of any form of sexual misconduct or sex crime, consider reaching out to a lawyer to discuss building an Alameda sex crimes defense. Facing criminal charges can be a frightening experience, especially if you are underprepared or underrepresented.

          A knowledgeable and experienced attorney should have worked on either side of a case before and, therefore, could understand how to navigate each step of the process. Call today to discuss protecting your rights.

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