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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Alameda Robbery Lawyer

          Robbery, a strike offense, constitutes a violent felony under state law that can have numerous implications for your future. An Alameda robbery lawyer may be able to explain the complete range of ramifications that can result from a robbery conviction.

          If you are facing charges, you should take steps to ensure that your rights are protected. A dedicated theft lawyer may be the most effective means of both protecting your rights and advocating for your interests.

          Robbery Charges in Alameda

          Cal. Pen. Code § 211 defines robbery as the illegal taking of property from others or in the immediate presence of others and against their will using force or fear. Under Cal. Pen. Code § 212, the fear that individuals may use to carry out a robbery can be a fear of:

          • Unlawful injury to the persons robbed or their property
          • Wrongful injury to the relatives or family members of the persons robbed
          • Immediate and unlawful injury at the time of the robbery to any persons accompanying the persons robbed or their property

          Individuals must also have the intent to deprive the owners of the value and benefit of their property. For instance, if a person forcibly rips a purse off another person’s shoulder and runs away – keeping the contents of the bag, they are committing a robbery. Contact a knowledgeable robbery lawyer in Alameda for more information.

          Potential Penalties for First and Second-Degree Robbery

          Cal. Pen. Code § 213 distinguishes between first and second-degree robbery charges. Prosecutors charge most robberies as second-degree robberies. The penalties for a second-degree robbery conviction include a prison sentence ranging from two to five years and a maximum $10,000 fine.

          First-degree robbery occurs if the individual commits robbery:

          • In a home or inhabited structure of another
          • Against a person who is leaving an ATM
          • Against drivers or passengers of commercial vehicles, such as buses, taxis, or cable cars

          The penalties for a first-degree robbery are more severe. The potential prison sentence increases to three, four, or six years. However, other factors may increase the prison sentences that individuals can face for a robbery. For example, if individuals acted with two or more other persons to rob a home in which people are present, they could face a longer prison sentence.

          Other enhancements under Ca. Pen. Code § 12022.7 include robberies in which individuals cause significant physical injury to others, which can add three years to the potential prison sentence. If the injured victims become comatose or permanently paralyzed, then the additional prison sentence increases to five years. Penalties also may increase if individuals over age 70 or children under age five suffer substantial bodily injuries during a robbery, or if the accused used or fired a gun to carry out the robbery.

          An Alameda Robbery Attorney May Be Able to Help

          A robbery conviction can harm your life, both personally and professionally. Defending yourself may be more productive with the assistance of an Alameda robbery lawyer.

          Although robbery charges may seem grave, legal counsel may be able to raise various defenses on your behalf. With the legal assistance that you need, you may be better situated to resolve your case more favorably. Contact a lawyer today to begin building an effective defense strategy.

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