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          Bay Area Sex Crimes Lawyer

          Allegations of a sex crime in the Bay Area can be detrimental to a person’s family life, career, future, and freedom. The penalties associated with sex crimes are often severe and can have life-long impacts. Individuals convicted of a sex offense could face many years in prison and be required to register as a sex offender for 10-20-Life for almost all sex crimes. Even if they are never convicted of the crime, the criminal charges alone can be damaging to the individual’s reputation and mental health. This is why it is so important to work with an experienced sex crimes lawyer in the Bay Area if you are facing criminal charges for a sex offense. An attorney can work with you to minimize the damage of the charges and fight to avoid a conviction altogether.

          At The Nieves Law Firm, our team of dedicated defense attorneys have years of experience working sex crime cases. We understand what is at stake and have developed defense strategies that we can use to help you fight your charges. Contact a Bay Area sex crimes lawyer on our team today to schedule a free, confidential consultation. En Español

          Types of Sex Crime Charges

          Sex crimes is a general term used to describe any criminal charge that is sexual in nature. Different types of sex crimes in the Bay Area include:

          • Rape
          • Statutory Rape (Unlawful Sex with a Minor)
          • Sodomy
          • Oral Copulation
          • Sexual Battery (Sometimes referred to as Sexual Assault)
          • Possession of Child Pornography
          • Prostitution
          • Soliciting Prostitution
          • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
          • Lewd Conduct with a Minor
          • Sexual Abuse

          Penalties for Sex Crimes in the Bay Area

          The penalties for different sex crimes vary significantly based on the individual crime you are facing. Certain offenses have more severe penalties than others as some sex crimes are considered felonies while others are considered misdemeanors. However, all of the crimes can have a negative impact on your future if you are convicted.

          If you are facing sex crime allegations, you should contact a Bay Area sex crimes lawyer. They can help determine the potential penalties you are facing and build a defense strategy centered around the specific details of your case.

          Examples of Misdemeanor Sex Crimes

          Misdemeanor sex crimes are accompanied by less severe penalties than their felony counterparts. An example of a misdemeanor sex crime is prostitution. Similarly, soliciting prostitution is also considered a misdemeanor sex crime. An individual will also be facing a misdemeanor if they are charged with lewd conduct in a public place. All of the “disorderly conduct” acts listed above are subject to California Penal Code 647.

          Other examples of misdemeanor sex crimes include sexual battery (depending on the details of the case), statutory rape (if the age gap is less than 3 years), and indecent exposure. Some misdemeanor sex offenses even require registration as a sex offender for 10 years such as a misdemeanor sexual battery under Penal Code section 243.4.

          Examples of Felony Sex Crimes

          Sex crimes that are felonies are accompanied by the most severe penalties. Perhaps the most well-known felony sex crime, rape (sometimes referred to as sexual assault), is defined by Penal Code 261. If convicted of rape, you can face a potential prison sentence of up to 8 years, unless the alleged victim was a minor at the time of the offense. If this is the case, the potential prison sentence increases from 8 to 13 years.

          Typically, all sex crimes involving force are felony offenses including forcible rape, forced oral copulation, forced sodomy, etc.  Moreover, crimes involving sex crimes against minors tend to be charged as felonies. For example, possession, distribution, and production of child pornography are all felony sex crimes in California some of which can be charged as misdemeanors but tend to consistently appear as felonies. Similarly, lewd conduct with a minor under the age of 14 or any forced act with a minor not only get charged as felonies but result in harsher consequences like lengthier state prison sentences and far less remedies for post-conviction relief.

          Get Help from a Bay Area Sex Crimes Attorney

          If you are facing sex crime allegations the Bay Area, you may be in the biggest battle of your life. The penalties associated with sex crimes are often severe and can impact your life long after your case comes to a close.

          At The Nieves Law Firm, we are well-versed in sex crime cases and understand how far-reaching their impacts can be if you are convicted. Contact a Bay Area sex crimes lawyer at The Nieves Law Firm today to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

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