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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Berkeley Domestic Violence Lawyer

          Domestic violence charges can have a serious impact on your life. Even if you are ultimately found not guilty of the crime, accusations of any act of violence can damage your reputation. A conviction could result in a criminal record that affects your job prospects, immigration status, custody disputes, and ability to own and possess firearms among other things.

          If you are facing these charges, it is imperative that you speak with a Berkeley domestic violence lawyer right away. With guidance from an experienced defense attorney, you could build a strong defense that protects your freedoms and minimizes the impact of these charges.

          What Could Lead to a Domestic Violence Charge?

          Domestic violence is a term that encompasses several crimes involving injury or the threat of imminent danger to a close relation. The types of relationships covered extend beyond spouses and children to include:

          • Fiancés
          • Partners
          • Former significant others

          Because these cases involve people with close ties, they can make for tricky legal matters. These charges can result in the filing of protective orders which could limit a defendant’s ability to go to certain locations or have contact with his or her children. In some cases, these protective m orders could last for several years or even be combined with a domestic violence restraining order that is renewable for life.

          A seasoned domestic violence attorney familiar with the Berkeley criminal justice system could work towards getting the charges dropped or reduced. If needed, a tenacious litigator could also protect the rights of the accused at trial and advocate for their innocence.

          Specific Domestic Violence Crimes in Berkeley

          The most common domestic violence offenses include corporal injury to a spouse (California Penal Code § 273.5), domestic battery (Cal. Penal Code § 243(e)(1)), and child abuse (Cal. Penal Code § 273d).

          The Penal Code also includes other crimes frequently associated with domestic violence at Sections 240, 422, 591, and 653m(a), such as:

          • Assault
          • Criminal threats
          • Electronic or telephone threats
          • Damaging communication infrastructure (e.g., telephone and cable)

          Frequently, defendants face more than one charge arising from the same incident. Knowledgeable domestic violence attorneys in Berkeley could help devise a comprehensive defense strategy addressing all the charges and considering the collateral concerns such as family court, gun rights, or immigration concerns.

          Severe Penalties for These Offenses

          California takes accusations of violence and harm seriously, especially when the alleged victim is a close relation. To deter such behavior, the Penal Code imposes punishments that can significantly impact the lives of those convicted.

          Whether a misdemeanor or a felony offense, sentences may include:

          • Incarceration
          • Fines
          • Restitution
          • Anger management classes
          • Domestic Violence Counseling
          • Parenting Classes
          • Stay Away Orders
          • Probation

          The court may also institute a protective order as requiring the accused to refrain from contacting the complaining individual, avoid certain places (i.e., residences, schools, etc.), and keep a certain distance from the person. Such orders can be more than just inconvenient if the accused needs to move out of his or her home or stop seeing his or her children. A domestic violence conviction could ultimately result in the loss of child custody or visitation rights or even deportation from the United States.

          When the stakes are this high, it is crucial to vigorously combat the charges with help from a criminal defense attorney who regularly handles domestic violence cases in Berkeley.

          Get in Touch with a Berkeley Domestic Violence Attorney

          Your situation may feel bleak right now, but skilled legal counsel could help you turn your situation around. A charge does not necessarily mean a guilty verdict. Call our team of compassionate and adept Berkeley domestic violence lawyers to discuss your situation. Let us help you start the process of crafting an airtight defense to protect your future.

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