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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Concord DUI Lawyers

          A Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction can lead to a host of problems down the road, especially if you are convicted of a felony. A simple misdemeanor DUI could lead to jail time, large fines, increased insurance rates, loss of your driver’s license, and possibly probation. If you’re convicted for a felony, you could also be dealing with a loss of your Second Amendment rights, a loss of your right to vote while incarcerated or to serve on a jury, and difficulty finding employment or housing.

          Since the consequences of a DUI conviction can be so severe, it is beneficial to work with a Concord DUI lawyer if you’re facing criminal charges. A DUI attorney could work with you to develop a defense strategy for your charges. They can work with you to minimize the impact of your DUI or fight to get it dismissed altogether depending on the circumstances of the case. If you need assistance with your DUI charge, contact The Nieves Law Firm to schedule a free consultation.

          When is a DUI a Misdemeanor?

          A DUI is typically charged as a misdemeanor in California, unless you have multiple prior convictions or you’re facing a sentence enhancement due to aggravating factors. Aggravating factors are specific case details that could increase the penalties you are facing. The typical penalty for a first-offense DUI in California without any aggravating factors is up to 6 months in jail, a fine of up to $1,000, probation, driver’s license suspension, installation of an ignition interlock device, and participation in an alcohol education course.

          However, the penalties continue to increase based on the number of previous convictions you have had in the past 10 years. A Concord DUI attorney could provide more information about the exact charges you are facing and provide information about the possible penalties.

          When is a DUI a Felony?

          A variety of aggravating factors can enhance the penalties for a DUI and make the offense a felony. For example, if you have 3 prior DUI convictions in a 10 year period, then your next offense will be a felony. Similarly, if you are in violation of any aggravating factors, your DUI will be charged as a felony or result in enhanced penalties. Some aggravating factors in California include:

          • Causing serious bodily injury
          • BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) above 0.15
          • Passengers in the car under the age of 14
          • Driving at least 20mph above the speed limit

          If any of the aggravating factors listed above are relevant in your case, you could be facing enhanced penalties. A DUI lawyer in Concord could explain exactly how big of an impact these aggravating factors will have on your case and whether or not you are facing a felony or a misdemeanor.

          Can I Receive a DUI for Drugs or Marijuana

          We often hear from individuals who want to know if they can face DUI charges for driving after smoking marijuana or ingesting medication. The simple answer is yes. In California, it is illegal to drive under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or marijuana. You can be charged with the same DUI crime if you are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or marijuana as you would if you were driving under the influence of alcohol. If you are facing DUI charges for drugs or marijuana, we can still help. Contact a Concord DUI lawyer on our team to schedule a free consultation.

          Contact a Dedicated DUI Attorney

          The penalties for a DUI conviction are severe, and they can impact your life long after your case comes to a close. That is why it is so important to consult with an experienced DUI attorney if you’re facing criminal charges. A DUI attorney could look at the details of your case and help build an effective defense strategy. To learn more about how The Nieves Law Firm can help you with your DUI charges, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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