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Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

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Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

Dublin Child Abuse Lawyer

Child abuse is among the most serious crimes in Dublin, and it is prosecuted accordingly. The penalties for domestic violence towards a minor are significant and could have implications for a defendant’s child custody, immigration status, and pending restraining orders. If you have been arrested or are facing charges, contact a Dublin child abuse lawyer today.

When to Contact an Attorney

A person who has been accused of child abuse in Dublin should contact a lawyer because there are various direct and collateral consequences that can flow from allegations of child abuse or a conviction for child abuse. First, there is the pressing danger of the accused being taken into custody and having to possibly post bail prior to being released, as well as the consequence of jail time if convicted of a child abuse crime.  The collateral consequences associated with a child abuse conviction can also include revoked child custody and visitation and disqualification from various employment opportunities that involve minors.

In short, a person accused of child abuse should be very concerned about the penalties associated with their charges.  A strong advocate could help a defendant avoid jail, protect their careers, and set them up successfully for any collateral court concerns like family or immigration issues. It helps to retain an attorney who will gather mitigation, conduct review and investigations, assess the case, and make strategic decisions based on their experience, knowledge of the law, and familiarity with litigating these cases in Dublin.

Criminal and Civil Child Abuse Cases

In a situation in which somebody has been accused of child abuse, there could be consequences outside of the criminal trial. There may be child custody and visitation disputes, domestic violence restraining orders, professional license administrative hearings, and immigration concerns regarding deportation, naturalization, and reentry among other things.  Child abuse convictions could play a role in deciding the outcome of all related civil matters.

Similarly, a civil case of child abuse can affect a subsequent criminal case if there are statements made, documents produced, and testimony given that is damaging to the criminal defendant – anything a person says that is not protected by a privilege can be used against them in the criminal case.  This means that if a written response or answer to a civil complaint is submitted to the court or a hearing takes place and the accused testifies, then a DA can request the court records and transcripts associated with the civil case and use it to build the criminal case.

It is critical to have a skilled defense attorney who can protect the defendant’s rights against self-incrimination and maintain available defenses when a civil case is being tried concurrently with a criminal child abuse matter.

Retain a Dublin Child Abuse Attorney as Soon as Possible

If you are facing charges for domestic violence against a minor, it is important that you retain a Dublin child abuse lawyer promptly. An attorney could immediately begin to defend your rights at court appearances and during interviews with law enforcement, as well as work to collect mitigating evidence. Reach out to a lawyer today to learn how they could help preserve your future.

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