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          Building a Defense Against Drug Charges in Dublin

          Being charged with drug possession, manufacturing, or distribution are serious crimes that can result in harsh penalties. Not only could a conviction result in high fines and periods of incarceration, it would also result in a permanent record that could be accessed by potential landlords and employers.

          That is why it is important to enlist the services of a qualified attorney when building a defense against drug charges in Dublin. A seasoned legal professional can provide the guidance and experience needed to be successful in court.

          Why Should a Defendant Not Build an Illicit Drug Defense Alone?

          People defending against allegations of drug possession or distribution should not try to handle their case alone. Oftentimes, defendants are not aware of the elements of the crime that are required to be proven by the district attorney and what evidence they would have to produce in order to support that.

          For instance, the actual nature and compound of the substance has to be proven to be the controlled substance that is alleged in the crime. An experienced Dublin attorney would therefore look for the lab analysis report on the illicit substance, whereas somebody who is attempting to build a case themselves might not know to ask for that.

          If there was an informant involved, an unrepresented defendant could have trouble filing motions to find out the identity of the confidential informant. Additionally, if there was a search warrant involved, seasoned lawyers would not just look at the basic search warrant, they would look for the affidavit that was submitted to the court to get approval for the search warrant and file motions to quash or traverse based on whether or not the information contained in the search warrant affidavit was sufficient or misleading.

          There are so many different aspects in drug cases that could be explored by a skilled attorney that someone defending his or herself may not be aware of. Therefore, it is better to trust a skilled drug attorney with those types of procedures, rather than trying to do it alone because a defendant may end up missing important defenses or inconsistencies that he or she could contest. It is difficult to reach a positive resolution without legal representation.

          Additional Resources Available to Dublin Lawyers

          In addition to knowledge and experience defending against drug charges in Dublin, local attorneys also have a variety of resources available to them that a defendant would not otherwise have access to. For example, lawyers have a high level of access to the online portal that holds all of the court related information and the procedural information that is taking place in the case. They also have early access to be able to view things such as the probable cause statement that has been submitted against the defendant, upcoming court dates, and anything that has been filed.

          Additionally, well-practiced legal professionals have built relationships over time with the courts and the district attorneys that are trying the cases. As such, they can communicate with their district attorney counterparts and discuss the case in advance in order to look at different dispositions that might be beneficial to the defendant.

          What Should a Person Facing Drug Charges Bring to a Case Consultation?

          It is important, when facing drug charges, for defendants to have prepared the date of the incident when they were arrested, who or what agencies made the arrest, whether a search warrant was involved, and any witnesses or others taken into custody at the same time. If they had to post bail, defendants should also document how much their bail was, if they were given a notice to appear, what date they were told to appear on the case, and anything else pertinent about their background and criminal history.

          For defendants who have previously been taken into custody or convicted of a crime, they should be prepared to discuss their former charges, especially they were previously convicted of a drug crime. They may also be asked if they have ever been ordered to register as a drug offender. Lastly, defendants should provide information on their immigration status because controlled substances offenses can affect the immigration status for non-citizens.

          Defending Against Illegal Substance Charges

          One of the things that a Dublin attorney would do when building a case against drug charges is explore the strength of the evidence, whether any Fourth Amendment violation took place, or if there was an improper search and seizure. Lawyers also could investigate if there are any ways to get the matter dismissed, if there are questions about the actual knowledge for possession purposes, or whether the controlled substance is actually in a usable amount.

          In terms of mitigating a case, one of the things that might be explored is whether participation in a drug treatment program or agreeing to certain terms and conditions of probation like attending Narcotics Anonymous or participating in community service will be persuasive to drop the charges down.

          How a Defendant Can Improve His or Her Drug Defense

          A defendant should be careful to avoid self-incrimination and harsher sentencing. Therefore, a person building a case against illegal substance allegations should not post on social media or talk about the case with anyone other than his or her attorney.

          Taking Xanax should be stopped gradually, slowly reducing the dose: abrupt withdrawal may be accompanied by withdrawal syndrome (anxiety and fear). With caution, it is prescribed to people working with mechanisms or working as drivers of vehicles (the reaction speed slows down and the concentration of attention decreases). It is recommended to refrain from taking alcohol. Nursing mothers should stop breastfeeding during treatment.

          While it goes without saying, a defendant should not commit any crimes while defending against a drug charge. Furthermore, a defendant should take the time to do a personal history outline with the attorney, so that the legal professional may gather any mitigating information. This may include information from the defendant’s education and employment to mental health and childhood traumas.

          Seek Help Building a Defense Against Drug Charges from a Dublin Attorney

          When building a defense against drug charges in Dublin, working with an experienced legal team is essential. A well-practiced lawyer could search for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and build a strong defense to highlight that. Additionally, seasoned attorneys could provide much needed guidance during a stressful time in your life. If you are facing drug charges, do not hesitate to contact our team and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

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