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          Dublin Early Termination of Probation Lawyer

          Many criminal cases in California end with the court sentencing the defendant to a term of probation. Whether this probation is part of a plea deal in an attempt to avoid jail time or is the sentence handed down after a trial, probation is often used as a means for the State to watch over a defendant without sending them to jail for extended periods of time or at all.

          As a condition of probation, many defendants are ordered to check in with a probation officer, obtain a job, attend counseling, pay fines or submit to various conditions. While probation is always set for a specific period of time, defendants have the right to ask the court to end their probation early if they complete the essential portions of probation ahead of schedule.

          In Dublin, early termination of probation could end your need to report to a probation officer or limit your exposure to probation violations. It can even result in the court dismissing the charge in its entirety if a petition to dismiss is filed concurrently. For help convincing courts to end your probation term and petition for dismissal, speak to a qualified Dublin early termination of probation lawyer today. A capable defense attorney could fight for you.

          Typical Terms of Probation

          Courts often use probation as a form of alternative sentencing. While any misdemeanor or felony under California law can result in a jail sentence, courts are open to alternatives especially when it comes to minor offenses committed by a defendant with no prior criminal record.

          Instead, a defendant may be ordered to commit to a probation term. This often includes requirements to:

          • Check in with a probation officer unless it’s informal probation where a probation officer is not assigned
          • Obtain and maintain employment
          • Attend counseling sessions for drugs, alcohol, or anger
          • Perform community service

          Every probation term is tailored to the specific defendant to whom it applies. If a defendant violates probation, their case may be returned to court for a probation violation hearing – which is very likely to result in a jail sentence if proved.

          Ending Probation Early

          Probation is always assigned for a set period, typically between three to five years. However, this term does not always need to run for its entire potential length. If a petitioner can show that they have completed the required conditions of probation and that their probation has served its intended purpose, the court has the discretion to terminate the probation early.

          According to California Penal Code §1203.3, courts in Dublin and throughout California are given the express authority to modify, abandon, or terminate any probation term at any time. However, walking into court without proof of completion and a reason why it is in the interest of justice could result in a denied application.

          Dublin petitioners for early termination of probation should come to court prepared with evidence of their completion of probation terms, proof of making all required payments, documents showing any hardships experienced (financial loss, job loss, denial of promotion of employment, etc.) and letters of recommendation from employers speaking to their character. A Dublin early termination of probation attorney could help ensure that you come to court with the necessary evidence.

          Fighting for Early Termination of Dublin Probation with a Skilled Attorney’s Help

          Providing the court with proof that the essential portions of probation have been met may convince a judge that probation has had its intended effect and they can terminate the probation early.

          If you have completed all your counseling sessions, paid your fines, and completed community service, your Dublin early termination of probation case could have a strong chance of succeeding. Contact a Dublin early termination of probation lawyer today to see how they could help you.

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