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          Dublin Insurance Fraud Lawyer

          Facing any criminal charge is stressful, but the situation can be even more frustrating if charges call your honesty and reputation into question. If you are facing serious allegations of insurance fraud, it may be valuable to have a dedicated Dublin insurance fraud lawyer represent your interests and rights in court.

          An insurance fraud conviction could affect your reputation, future employment opportunities, financial security, and freedom. Defending l/fraud-lawyeryourself in criminal court can be a daunting experience. A knowledgeable fraud attorney could review the charges and fight to refute the allegation. Call and set up an appointment to begin discussing potential legal strategies that may be effective for your case.

          Understanding Insurance Fraud in Dublin

          The California state legislature created the laws outlined in Insurance Code Section 1871 because there were statewide issues fraud related to workers’ compensation claims, car insurance claims, and health insurance claims. Since fraud was impacting the overall cost of insurance, the legislature decided to crack down on the issue.

          Generally, any false claim brought against an insurance provider is legally classified as fraud. However, many of the claims insurance providers deem suspicious are actually legitimate. In Dublin, some common actions that could result in fraudulent insurance claims include:

          • Intentionally destroying property for a claim
          • Reporting theft of a non-stolen vehicle
          • Incorrectly reporting the level of damage suffered
          • Filing a non-work injury for compensation
          • Multiple claims for the same healthcare benefit
          • Healthcare claim on behalf of another

          A Dublin insurance fraud lawyer could assist individuals facing charges by explaining the legal basis of a charge or the potential implications of a conviction. In many cases, a capable attorney may be able to demonstrate that actions were unintentional, did not occur as the prosecution showed, or did not amount to fraud.

          Insured Property Crimes

          Some of the most commonly suspected insurance claims are related to the damaged property. The laws related to insured property are found in California Penal Code §548-550. Generally, the willful destruction of property that someone commits to seek an insurance claim is a felony offense and may be punishable by five years in jail and up to $50,000 in fines.

          In addition, knowingly causing damage to a vehicle, making a false claim for an insurance payout, or committing any other act of fraud that exceeds $950 in value could result in a felony conviction, carrying the same potential penalties as willful destruction.

          Depending on the circumstances, a prosecutor may charge a fraudulent insurance claim as a misdemeanor offense, carrying a punishment of no more than one year in jail and fines not exceeding $10,000. In many cases, an insurance fraud lawyer could help individuals by investigating the circumstances around the allegations to find issues with the prosecution’s assertion.

          Reaching Out to a Dublin Insurance Fraud Attorney

          Dealing with the legal system is stressful, especially when dealing with complex insurance laws. Fortunately, a Dublin insurance fraud lawyer could provide full support and knowledge of the relevant laws. A dedicated legal representative may be able to advise on steps to defend against claims and protect your rights and interests.

          In such a high stakes situation, allowing a lawyer to defend you may be invaluable. Take the first step to protect your freedom, future, and financial security. Reach out to a Dublin insurance fraud attorney today to discuss the charges you face and learn how an attorney could help you.

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