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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Dublin Solicitation Lawyer

          With an experienced Dublin solicitation lawyer on your side, you may be able to defend yourself against potentially damaging prostitution-related charges. Aside from the criminal penalties that you may face, you also may experience collateral consequences, such as job loss, social ostracism, and damage to your reputation. Seeking legal advice may enable you to minimize the impact of these criminal charges on your life and your future.

          An experienced criminal defense lawyer could determine which defenses are applicable in your case and how to present those defenses on your behalf. Legal counsel may also be able to weigh the strength of the evidence supporting the charges and negotiate with the prosecution to reach a mutually acceptable resolution of the matter. By getting the legal advice that you need, you may have a better chance of overcoming the charges against you.

          Solicitation Offenses in Dublin

          Under California Penal Code § 647(b), solicitation of prostitution occurs when individuals request that others engage in sex acts with them, or when individuals agree to accept money or something of value in exchange for sex acts. To be convicted, individuals must have the intent to engage in prostitution and take some action to carry out the transaction. The law equates solicitation with prostitution, so regardless as to which party initiates the encounter or what role that party plays, either or both parties could face charges.

          Intent to engage in sexual acts is an essential element to a solicitation conviction. The law does not require, however, that the other party to the transaction have the same intent. Therefore, if the person whom the individuals solicited was not a prostitute or did not agree to the proposed transaction, the individuals still could face solicitation charges.

          Proof of intent to engage in solicitation also must be clear. Generally, driving through an area of town known for prostitution, waving or nodding to a stranger while driving by, or stopping to talk to a person on a street corner is not solid proof of an intent to engage in solicitation of prostitution. A solicitation lawyer in Dublin may be able to examine the charges that individuals are facing and assess whether there is adequate evidence of intent to engage in solicitation of prostitution, as well as evidence of other the requisite elements of the crime.

          Potential Penalties for Solicitation Convictions

          Solicitation is a misdemeanor in the state of California but still has the potential to result in harsh consequences. Individuals convicted of this crime as a first offense could face up to six months in jail, terms of probation, and a $1000 fine. For a second or subsequent offense, individuals can face lengthier mandatory minimum jail sentences and higher fines such as 45 days mandatory minimum and up to a year in county jail and a $2000 fine.

          If solicitation of prostitution involves minors, and the soliciting person knew or should have known that they were minors at the time of the offense, then the mandatory minimum jail sentence is two days up to a maximum one year, as well as a $10,000 fine. Additionally, if individuals carried out the offense by using a vehicle within 1,000 feet of a private residence, they may be subject to a 30-day license suspension.

          Consult a Dublin Solicitation Attorney for Advice

          Fighting accusations of solicitation can be stressful but having a Dublin solicitation lawyer to assist you may result in a better outcome in your case. Rather than try to navigate a complicated criminal justice system on your own and hope for the best, consult legal counsel for professional advice.

          Whether you made an error in judgment or were in the wrong place at the wrong time, you should take steps to avoid having a minor offense ruin the course of your life. Contact an experienced attorney today for legal representation.

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