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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Types of Domestic Violence in Oakland

          There are typically multiple types of domestic violence in Oakland. While domestic violence is frequently viewed as violence against an intimate partner or a child, it commonly encompasses more individuals. Roommate violence could also be considered a form of domestic violence.

          A person who is charged with any form of domestic violence in Oakland may want to speak with an experienced defense attorney before speaking with law enforcement or a prosecutor. Statements made without proper legal representation could be taken out of context or used against someone in a potential court case.

          Understanding a Spousal Abuse Charge

          Generally, spousal abuse and domestic violence are not considered separate offenses. In most places in Oakland, spousal abuse is a different name for domestic violence. Domestic violence commonly refers to physical violence against spouses, cohabitants and dating partners. This may also include current and former spouses or cohabitants.

          When a person is accused of spousal abuse, they may be arrested or have restraining orders placed against them. In some cases, a person alleged of domestic violence could be put in jail or face deportation. Someone who is put in jail may be eligible to pay bail or could be given a set of conditions for release between the time of the arrest of a pending court date. Whether the individual is charged with a misdemeanor or a felony offense typically depends on the nature of the alleged crime and the extent of the potential injuries.

          Explaining a Roommate Violence Offense

          A person accused of roommate violence in Oakland could be charged with a domestic violence offense if they are cohabiting and had an intimate relationship. An intimate relationship in this regard could refer to roommates having previously engaged in sexual intercourse. The same would be true of a dating relationship. The fact that they are roommates under the same roof does not always make it domestic violence unless they are in a relationship or were previously in a relationship.

          Frequently, incidents of violence could be categorized into different types of domestic violence in Oakland. Roommate violence may be considered an offense that may lead to such a charge. Contact a skilled defense attorney who understands domestic violence charges and how they may unfold in an Oakland courtroom.

          Potential Legal Consequences for a Domestic Violence Charge

          Legal consequences for spousal abuse or roommate violence allegations could be significant. A person who faces such charges could be forced out of their residence with a restraining order or a protective order. In some cases, they could face a period of incarceration upon conviction. Depending on certain circumstances, a person may be deported.

          As penalties for domestic violence could be substantial, someone who has been falsely accused of roommate violence or spousal abuse may want to immediately consider retaining a legal representative. Without legal counsel present during conversations with police or a prosecutor,  a person could inadvertently harm their case.

          Benefits of an Oakland Domestic Violence Attorney

          A person who is charged with any of the types of domestic violence in Oakland or even being investigated for any kind of criminal charge may find it advantageous to have a credible defense attorney during court proceedings. Potential legal consequences could be steep and a person who is unprepared to develop a substantial defense may face conviction.

          Someone charged with a domestic violence offense could work with a credible defense lawyer to examine the case facts and begin articulating their side of the story. Court systems in Oakland could be confusing and a person may need the advice of a seasoned legal representative to navigate court proceedings. Call for a consultation and start discussing your case.

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