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Different charges can result in varying legal consequences. Some charges may lead to minor penalties, while others can incur significant and harsh penalties. Drug violations commonly lead to substantial legal consequences that can negatively influence a person’s livelihood. Someone charged with a drug infraction should consider learning about the potential impact of Oakland drug penalties. If you or a family member were charged with a drug offense, reach out to an aggressive drug attorney. They could evaluate a person’s case and work to establish a credible legal defense. Call and set up an appointment as soon as possible.

Understanding the Severity of Drug Offenses

The laws against drug crimes can be harsh. The laws in California regarding drug crimes range anywhere from simple misdemeanors up to aggravated felonies. Therefore, the potential punishments for misdemeanors can range from one year in the county jail, while felony drug charges can result in state prison time starting at 16 months. Some of the sentences a charged person can receive are enhanced due to certain factors such as proximity to a school, being in a public park, or incidents involving minors. In those instances, the consequences may be much harsher and the term in prison is much greater.

Short-Term Consequences

The short-term consequences of a drug charge while the case is pending may include an order from the judge for the accused to attend narcotics anonymous classes, to refrain from using and possessing drugs, or to avoid being in areas where drugs are sold. Furthermore, if a person attends drug court, they may need to submit to random drug testing and consistently appear in court to review progress. Some individuals could be eligible for probation. However, this is not always a possibility. A person interested in building a credible defense and seeking alternative sentencing options should contact a skilled attorney who understands Oakland drug penalties.

Long-Term Consequences

Drug violations have many long-term consequences such as extensive jail time and costly fines. In addition to the possibility of incarceration and fines, a person may experience issues obtaining gainful employment. Employers frequently prefer hiring candidates without criminal records. As a result, a conviction for a drug offense may cause a person to be excluded from certain employment opportunities. Universities also commonly look for students with clean records and may decline entry to applicants with drug convictions.

Another way a drug conviction could impact a person’s life over the long term is the potential inability to obtain professional licenses. Depending on the offense, a person could be ineligible to work as a nurse, real estate agent, or in other occupations requiring a professional license. If a person holds such a license prior to the conviction, the conviction may allow for termination of the license. As these consequences can significantly impact a person’s quality of life, someone charged with any type of drug offense should educate themselves about potential Oakland drug penalties and retain the legal services of an adept drug lawyer.

Contact a Knowledgeable Attorney About Drug Penalties in Oakland

Convictions for drug charges can result in severe legal consequences. It is important for a person who is charged with any type of drug violation to understand the full impact of Oakland drug penalties. Contact an experienced drug lawyer who is familiar with the legal process of drug cases in Oakland. Schedule an appointment to discuss your legal options today.

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