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          Oakland Drug Possession Lawyer

          A drug possession charge is often viewed as a serious violation. Someone who is arrested for an alleged drug possession offense could face incarceration and significant fines. If you were arrested for a drug possession violation, reach out to an Oakland drug possession lawyer. They could help advocate on your behalf and help an accused person avoid making statements that may be taken out of context and used against them in the court of law.

          An experienced drug lawyer could examine the circumstances surrounding the arrest and potentially provide legal representation in court. Retaining an attorney who understands drug possession offenses may substantially help an individual refute the charges against them. Call and arrange for an appointment as soon as possible.

          Understanding a Drug Possession Offense

          To possess a drug in Oakland or California, a suspected individual typically must have the drugs on their person, house, car, or in close proximity to their house or car. In some drug offense cases, they may still be charged even if they are not in the car or in the house at the time of discovery. If law enforcement is able to connect a person to the vehicle or to the house where the drugs are found, they may find themselves being charged with possession.

          Drug possession is often revealed in conjunction with a separate offense. This may include traffic stops, assault, trespassing, or theft. For example, when a police officer pulls a person over for a traffic violation such as exceeding the speed limit, they may find a reason to search the vehicle. At this point, any drugs found in the vehicle may result in a drug possession arrest. Similarly, if a person is taken into custody following a fight in a bar they could potentially be searched, and any drugs on their person may be used as evidence to support a possession charge. Following an arrest, a person may benefit from speaking with a competent Oakland drug possession lawyer to discuss potential legal options.

          Benefits of Obtaining Legal Counsel

          A person facing drug charges typically should contact an Oakland drug possession attorney immediately. In many drug possession cases, the search conducted by a police officer may not have followed the correct protocol and as a result, could have violated a person’s rights. An unlawful search may substantially impact a person’s drug possession charge. An attorney who understands such cases could work with an accused person to dispute the search, fight against the charge, and advocate for their rights. Individuals arrested for a gun charge could have their assets frozen by the government and could be required to register as a narcotics offender under Health and Safety §11590.

          Contact a Drug Possession Attorney in Oakland

          If you were charged with a drug possession offense, consult with an aggressive Oakland drug possession lawyer. Depending on the amount of the drug found during the arrest, a person could face either a felony or misdemeanor charge. Either charge could pose a great risk to a person’s liberty and ability to provide for their family. Reach out to a dedicated drug lawyer who is familiar with possession cases and they could potentially investigate the validity of a search that led to your arrest. Call and schedule an appointment to begin developing a credible defense.

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