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          Oakland Drug Trafficking Lawyer

          One of the most serious types of drug charges that an individual could face is drug trafficking. People arrested for drug trafficking could be looking at several years in prison, expensive fines, and other long-term consequences. If you were accused of transporting, distributing, or selling drugs, you may need to consult an Oakland drug trafficking lawyer. An aggressive drug attorney could help understand your legal rights and could prepare a defense case on your behalf.

          Understanding Drug Trafficking Charges

          While drug trafficking is typically charged under Health and Safety Code 11352 when it involves the transportation cocaine, heroin, opiates, prescription drugs, and most controlled substances, the Health and Safety Code 11379 covers the transportation of methamphetamines for sale. The basic elements associated with transporting drugs for sale may include knowingly possessing a usable amount of drugs with the intent to sell and actually transporting or selling those drugs. Trafficking is focused on the mass distribution of controlled substances and typically results in federal investigation and prosecution. Penalties may get signification aggravated and enhanced depending on the quantities of drugs involved.

          Aggravating Factors for Drug Charges

          There are many factors in a drug trafficking case that could result in harsher penalties. For instance, being found responsible for endangering others by transporting dangerous controlled substances, could aggravate the penalties for a drug conviction. Simply possessing a large quantity of drugs for the purpose of trafficking or selling them is considered inherently dangerous in the eyes of the law. Also, the punishment for the offense could be increased given the location a person was charged. For example, if the sale of cocaine or a similar drug took place near a drug treatment facility, a school, or a homeless, the sentence may be enhanced by a year in custody. Additional penalties could result from furnishing certain drugs to minors, pregnant women, people who were being treated for a mental disorder or substance abuse.

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          How Law Enforcement Cracks Down on Drug Trafficking

          Oakland law enforcement is currently attempting to crack down on drug trafficking, drug transportation, and drug sales. Law enforcement takes drug offenses seriously and put in a concerted effort to prosecute these cases. Prosecutors are more concerned with cracking down on drug trafficking than simple possession offenses. Therefore, it is essential for defendants to reach out to a dedicated Oakland drug trafficking lawyer.

          Contact an Oakland Drug Trafficking Attorney

          It is a common misconception that if someone is stopped and arrested with a small quantity, the worst that could happen to him or her may be a simple possession charge. Depending on how the particular drugs are packaged and possessed by the person, this may not be the case. If he or she was possessing prescription medication without the prescription, they may be charged. If each pill is wrapped separately and is not a collection of loose pills, law enforcement may assume that he or she is possessing and is doing so with the intent to distribute, traffic, or to sell.

          Drug trafficking charges can lead to imprisonment, expensive fines, and other long-term ramifications. If you are facing charges, call an Oakland drug trafficking lawyer today.

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