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          Oakland Firearm Ammunition Lawyer

          Gun regulation is strict in California, and even possession of ammunition could lead to serious firearm charges. If you are facing a conviction for purchasing or possessing bullets unlawfully, an Oakland firearm ammunition lawyer could help build a strong defense and preserve your freedom. Reach out to a skilled gun attorney today.

          Legal Possession of Ammunition

          In Oakland, most laws that apply to firearms apply to the sale and purchase of ammunition as well. Usually, purchasing ammunition as a licensed firearm owner is a legal act so long as the buyer is not a convicted felon or someone who has otherwise been prohibited from possession of a firearm.

          If a person is a licensed firearm owner, he or she may buy ammunition for any firearm, no matter if he or she owns a particular weapon. A licensed gun owner may also visit a shooting range, use various types of firearms there, and purchase different types of ammunition.

          What are the Ammunition Restrictions in Oakland?

          As defined by law, certain types of ammunition are illegal to possess. Restricted ammunition includes both armor piercing and hollow point bullets, along with other weaponry.

          Restricted ammunition includes what legislators have deemed to be particularly dangerous. Armor piercing bullets, for example, can penetrate bulletproof vests, while hollow point bullets explode into shrapnel upon impact, causing severe injuries. In some cases, police departments and certain other agencies may have access to otherwise restricted types of ammunition.

          Persons Restricted from Possessing Ammunition

          In California, a person could lose his or her right to possess a firearm or ammunition by being convicted of a felony or by having an involuntary mental institution hold, called a 5150 hold.

          When it comes to convicted felons or the mentally incapacitated, the logic is that if he or she is not allowed to have a firearm, then there is also no need for him or her to legally possess ammunition. An individual found to be in possession of ammunition despite a restriction may face severe penalties, including incarceration. The penalties can lead to long-term consequences, which is why defendants should contact a firearm ammunition lawyer in Oakland as soon as possible.

          How Does a Person Legally Transport Ammunition?

          California law strictly regulates how firearms and ammunition may be transported simultaneously. To legally travel with a firearm, a licensed gun owner must ensure that he or she does not have a live ground in the chamber of his or her gun and that he or she does not have the magazine connected to the firearm.

          It is essential that ammunition be kept away from a firearm under transport. While bullets may be in the same locked container as a gun, they may not be connected to the gun in any way. To avoid any possibility of a misunderstanding with law enforcement, it may be wise to keep guns and ammunition in separate, locked containers while transporting firearms.

          Contact an Experienced Oakland Firearm Ammunition Attorney

          An arrest for ammunition possession could occur after a routine traffic stop, an on-street search, or any other number of unexpected interactions with law enforcement. If you are facing charges for the illegal possession of ammunition, you may need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. An Oakland firearm ammunition lawyer could explain the nuances of gun regulation and work to build an effective defense.

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