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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          Defense Strategies for Oakland Sex Crimes

          When constructing a defense strategy for sex crimes in Oakland, it is important to work with a lawyer who has extensive experience in dealing with these sorts of cases. An experienced attorney can help you develop defense strategies for Oakland sex crimes. A lawyer can walk you through the steps of developing a defense, as well as guiding you through the court process. Schedule a consultation to begin working your defense today.

          Possible Defense Strategies for Sex Crimes Cases

          Defense strategies for Oakland sex crimes vary case by case. The defense attorney determines the appropriate defense based on a review of the case and the charges and identifies the elements the prosecutor must prove. A determination is made as to whether or not the requisite of intent was formed and whether the prosecution has enough to prove their case.

          There is a defense which states that any alleged illegal sexual contact was consensual. This defense strategy may try to argue that the alleged victim did in fact consent and the act was not a forced act. Mistaken identity is another defense strategy for a sex crime case. The defense may argue that the event never actually occurred or did not occur as described.

          Most Challenging Components in Defending Sex Crimes

          One of the challenging components in defending a sex crimes case is keeping the accused person focused while dealing with the stigma that comes along with being accused of a crime of that nature. These people can face difficulty with their job and sometimes lose their job. They often lose their families and face bullying and persecution. Having an attorney on their side who will be a strong advocate and also a supportive partner throughout the process makes a significant difference.

          Importance of Speaking with an Attorney Before Speaking with Law Enforcement

          A person should speak to an attorney before answering questions from law enforcement officers in a sex crimes case because law enforcement is tasked with making arrests. They investigate crimes and look for a culprit. Any statements given can and will be used as evidence against a person.

          Lawyers strongly advise people to not speak to law enforcement without an attorney present. This prevents statements from being misconstrued or the use of tricky or vague questions and confusing techniques. In some cases, a suspect says one thing and it is written in a report in a way that has a different effect and impact than what was intended. It is better to just say nothing until an attorney is present.

          Qualities of an Oakland Sex Crimes Attorney

          When looking for an Oakland sex crimes lawyer, you should look for an attorney who has previous experience with developing defense strategies for Oakland sex crimes.  An Oakland sex crimes lawyer is a zealous advocate for the people they defend. They are supportive, effective, and persuasive. An attorney with years of experience can effectively communicate with the accused person and maintain their best interests at heart in addition to fighting for them. Do not wait, call a lawyer today for help with building a defense.

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