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          Oakland Sex Offender Registry

          When a person is convicted for a sex crime, they typically must register as a sex offender. The Oakland sex offender registry is accessible to the public and typically is permanent. If you or a family member were accused of committing any type of sexual offense, reach out to an experienced sex crimes lawyer. They could fiercely advocate on your behalf and work tirelessly to refute the allegations. Registering as a sex offender upon conviction can be extremely damaging.

          Registering as a Sex Offender

          The Oakland sex offender registry is a database maintained by the Department of Justice that records the location of a person who has been convicted of a Penal Code §290 offense or as more commonly referred to, a sex crime. Someone in the registry typically is required to report their address yearly or 5 days before their birthday. If a person is transient, they generally need to report their address every 30 days. This online database is accessible to the public and shows the location of each enrolled individual. Depending on the severity of the offense, a person’s entire address or zip code location may be provided through the database. It is also important to note that once a person is placed on the registry they generally cannot be removed.

          Megan’s Law

          In 1996, legislation referred to as Megan’s law was passed. This legislation requires the Department of Justice to notify the public of registered sex offenders. The Oakland sex offender registry is a tool meant to build awareness in local communities.

          Impact of Registration

          Registering as a sex offender has many consequences. There is a strong social stigma placed on individuals who have been convicted of sex crimes. As a result, a person may struggle to find employment as many job applications require a person to disclose any previous convictions. Many employers conduct background checks before moving forward with a potential candidate. A conviction typically will appear during these checks and a person could face immediate dismissal if they fail to disclose a prior conviction.

          Furthermore, a person may be disallowed from living near a school or a place with children and minors. As these types of issues can be severely damaging to a person’s welfare, it is important for the accused to retain legal counsel with a deep understanding of sex crime cases and the Oakland sex offender registry. They could stand with an accused person in court and fight for their rights.

          Contacting a Dedicated Lawyer About Sex Offender Registry in Oakland

          A person who has been arrested and charged with a sex crime should immediately contact an attorney. A lawyer could review the circumstances surrounding the alleged offense and work to present a credible defense in court. Someone who attempts to represent themselves without qualified legal counsel may face an increased risk of being placed on the Oakland sex offender registry following a conviction. Partner with a knowledgeable sex crimes lawyer and arrange for an appointment to discuss your potential legal options.

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