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          Prosecuting Oakland Sex Crimes

          Law enforcement and the district attorney typically operate in an aggressive manner when prosecuting Oakland sex crimes. Someone who has been arrested and charged with such an offense should immediately reach out to an experienced sex crimes lawyer. They could evaluate the circumstances surrounding a person’s arrest and work to develop a thorough and credible legal defense. If you were accused of committing any type of sexual offense, call and arrange for a legal consultation to begin assessing your potential defense strategy options.

          How Sex Crimes are Generally Treated in Court

          Sexually based crimes are often rigorously investigated and heavily prosecuted. The aggression of law enforcement and the prosecutor typically stems from the nature of the offense which frequently involves complainants who are viewed as vulnerable. Children, the elderly, and dependent adults are common among the group of individuals filing complaints about sexual offenses. While all allegations may negatively impact an accused person, the prosecutor largely works to specifically identify an injury, the place where the alleged unlawful sexual contact occurred, and a cooperative complainant.

          While the district attorney technically does not represent the complainant in the case, they may pursue a conviction more aggressively in cases of violent sex crimes. The position of a district attorney is generally to advocate on behalf of society’s better interests and prevent alleged incidents of violence from occurring again. A person who is accused of a sex crime should immediately consult a lawyer who is well-versed in defending such cases. False accusations are known to occur and they may devastate a person’s reputation and quality of life.

          Common Forms of Evidence in a Sex Crimes Case

          Prosecutors frequently attempt to submit a variety of evidence in sex crime cases. The specific types of evidence generally depend on the case. For example, a child pornography case may involve computer files and photographs, whereas a sexual assault case may include a complainant’s testimony, DNA, and surveillance camera video footage. Additionally, reports of child abuse or sexual misconduct from a verified source such as a teacher or doctor could potentially serve as evidence in a sex crime case. Anyone facing a sex crime allegation should reach out to a reliable sex crimes attorney to discuss the ways evidence may effect prosecuting Oakland sex crimes.

          Complainant Testimony

          Depending on the offense, there may be a complainant providing testimony. A diligent sex crimes lawyer could examine the complainant’s credibility and work to identify potential areas that may reduce it. When a prosecutor brings forth a complainant who’s credibility is questionable, a defense attorney could potentially request the dismissal of their testimony.

          Contacting an Oakland Sex Crimes Attorney

          A conviction for a sexual offense could lead to significant legal consequences, such as jail time and costly fines. Furthermore, a person may be required to register as a sex offender. This is typically a lifetime registration and a person cannot be removed from the list. If you or a family member were accused of committing a sex offense, contact an attorney who understands the aggression involved in prosecuting Oakland sex crimes. They could review the factors surrounding your arrest and work to establish a legally valid defense strategy. Call and schedule an appointment to start building a comprehensive defense today.

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