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          Oakland Solicitation Lawyer

          The fees and potential jail time associated with solicitation accusations can be daunting, but the impact on your personal life can be an even greater punishment. A conviction may force you to rebuild your reputation with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues. But the outcome does not necessarily have to be that severe.

          Securing proper representation from an Oakland solicitation lawyer could help you build the strongest defense to fight the solicitation allegations. A designated attorney can help you focus on preserving your rights – and your future – by potentially reducing the penalties faced.

          Solicitation Laws in Oakland

          Throughout California, even if an act never occurs, it is illegal for you to ask someone to engage in an act of prostitution. Under California’s Penal Code Section 647(b), solicitation occurs when an individual solicits, or requests, another person to engage in an act of prostitution with the intent to provide them compensation, money, or anything of value.

          This statute also prohibits soliciting a person who is a minor to engage in an act of prostitution in exchange for providing compensation to the minor. Typically, this variant of the charge can produce more severe penalties, as it involves a sexual act committed by a person who is under the age of consent. An Oakland solicitation lawyer could further explain to you how different situations may result in different charges and potential punishments.

          Penalties for Solicitation Charges

          It is important to note that solicitation is classified as a form of disorderly conduct, which is a misdemeanor offense in Oakland. These offenses are punishable by up to a year in prison, fines, or both. However, specifics of a defendant’s case could be violations of additional legal provisions, opening the potential for more severe consequences or charges.

          For example, if a defendant is found guilty of violating solicitation laws within 1,000 feet of a private residence while operating a motor vehicle, the court has the authority to suspend their license for up to 30 days. The court could also restrict operation privileges for purposes other than education or employment for up to six months.

          If the person solicited was a known minor at the time of the offense, the defendant could face up to a year in prison and a fine up to $10,000. The defendant could also receive corresponding charges under CA Penal Code §288.4, which addresses lewd acts and meetings involving minors.

          Anyone charged with solicitation should consult a legal professional to discuss the specifics of their charge and how to best proceed. An experienced solicitation lawyer in Oakland could help you fight the charges and work to achieve a positive outcome.

          Speak with an Oakland Solicitation Attorney Today

          If you are facing charges of solicitation, an Oakland solicitation lawyer could help you develop the best defense to fight the charges whether this is your first offense or you have been convicted on solicitation charges before. An aggressive attorney with an extensive background in criminal defense could provide you the necessary strategy you need to put the incident in the past.

          Seasoned lawyers understand the potential public and private consequences a defendant may face and could fight on your behalf for a positive outcome. Call today to schedule a consultation and start working on your case.

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