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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          San Leandro Assault Lawyer

          Depending on the circumstances, even the best of intentions can result in an assault charge. Regardless of how one comes about, though, a San Leandro assault lawyer may be an important part of your approach to defending against such an accusation.

          There are many different types of actions that could lead to an assault charge. Understanding some of the basics about California assault charges may be an important first step in developing your defense, as well as a good place to start a conversation with an experienced criminal attorney.

          Varieties of Assault in San Leandro

          As with most crimes, there are specific elements the prosecution must prove when charging a person with assault in order to legally obtain a conviction. In most cases, these elements depend heavily on the exact nature of the charges.

          Some examples of different types of assaults can include:

          • Sexual assault
          • Domestic assault
          • Simple assault
          • Assault with a deadly weapon
          • Aggravated battery

          An experienced assault attorney in San Leandro could help defendants understand more about the various elements that play into charges related to the above-mentioned examples, as well as other charges that might qualify as assault.

          Difference Between Assault and Battery

          The terms assault and battery can be confusing. Essentially, they both deal with the infliction of harm. However, they are not necessarily interchangeable and may apply to different things depending on the situation.

          Assault is a legal term that, as defined by California Penal Code §240, refers to actions undertaken which involve the mere threat of harm to another individual. That means someone could face assault charges for threatening harm without ever actually causing harm. No physical contact is needed for an assault to occur.

          On the other hand, battery occurs under Cal. Pen. Code §242 when actual physical contact is made with another individual as a result of an intentional action that was without consent. Terms like aggravated battery typically mean that a dangerous weapon was involved in the confrontation that led to the charges.

          What a San Leandro Assault Attorney Could Do to Help

          Assault lawyers in San Leandro can be important advocates for defendants’ rights. Individuals facing criminal charges, like assault, have important rights that must be understood and protected at every stage of the legal process involved in defending against these charges.

          By taking a dynamic approach to exploring the options available in building your defense, a skilled attorney could help you understand more about your rights during pending investigations into an alleged assault, as well as the actual charges in a criminal legal proceeding. An experienced attorney knows just how much is at stake when it comes to defending against criminal charges like assault, and as such could work hard to protect your best interests under any circumstances and at all stages of your criminal proceedings.

          If you are facing assault charges or worried about an investigation that could result in those charges, call today to find out more about how an experienced San Leandro assault lawyer could work with you and what options may be available in your case.

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