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          San Leandro Drug Lawyer

          There are no shortage of news stories involving drugs and related criminal charges in San Leandro and across the state of California. While many of those stories may seem far removed from the norm, drug charges are more common than many people may think. In fact, the State of California prosecutes the largest number of drug charges in the country. En Español.

          While any criminal charge can be intimidating, accusations of drug crimes can be especially challenging to manage without a criminal attorney’s help. If you find yourself facing drug-related charges, a San Leandro drug lawyer could be an important part of your defense against those allegations.

          Types of Drug Charges

          Depending on the circumstances, drug charges can take a variety of different forms, including but not limited to:

          Even with new laws recently legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in California, it is still possible to run afoul of the state’s drug laws or encounter federal drug charges. When that happens, an experienced drug lawyer in San Leandro may be able to help.

          What are the Consequences for Drug Possession?

          There are many factors that must be considered when discussing the potential consequences of a drug crime conviction. Some drug-related offenses qualify and are only charged as misdemeanors, while others are felonies that carry severe and long-lasting penalties. Often, the distinction between classifications of drug crimes depends heavily on the circumstances surrounding the charge.

          In some cases, drug charges could require registration as a narcotics offender under Health and Safety Code §11590. This registration allows law enforcement to monitor the whereabouts of individuals convicted of certain drug crimes. The registration requirement terminates five years after the discharge from prison, release from jail or termination of probation or parole of the person convicted and applies to those convicted of the enumerated crimes listed in HS §11590.

          Drug charges could have a significant impact on future employment prospects, as well as educational opportunities. For this reason and many others, it could be important to take a thorough approach in exploring all the options that might be available in establishing your defense.

          What Should Be Considered When Facing Drug Charges?

          California drug charges are not limited to California residents. In fact, it is possible to request extradition of a defendant to California to face charges. Furthermore, there may be unintended consequences from various aspects of a conviction for drug charges. For instance, when drug charges are the result of a warrant on private property, that property could be confiscated and forfeited if drugs are found. In other words, it is possible for someone to lose their home as a result of a drug-related conviction in San Leandro. The government can make a request to freeze the assets of the accused unless and until a showing is made that those assets are unrelated to the drug charges.

          In addition to those considerations, mitigating or aggravating circumstances could play a role in the potential consequences of a conviction. Mitigating circumstances could include the charge being the first an individual is facing, while aggravating circumstances could involve the use of force or a weapon in relation to the charge or additional criminal charges unrelated to the underlying drug charges.

          Speak with a San Leandro Drug Attorney Today

          Drug charges are often accompanied by burdensome consequences but seasoned attorneys understand the important nuances in the law and how those might apply to your circumstances. While drug charges can certainly be intimidating, knowing that you do not have to face them alone could be helpful. If you are facing drug-related charges, call today to see how a San Leandro drug lawyer could work with you and advocate for your rights throughout the legal processes.

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