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      Know and Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Defense Matter

          San Leandro Prostitution Lawyer

          It is illegal to engage in the act of prostitution, either by agreeing to perform sexual acts for money or soliciting someone to do so. As with most criminal offenses, prostitution charges can be intimidating to face in court, but working with a San Leandro prostitution lawyer may help you approach these charges with a deeper understanding of what they entail.

          Retaining an experienced legal advocate could be an essential part of asserting your rights during the legal process. Prostitution charges might have a significant impact on your life and your family, so understanding the basics of these charges is an excellent place to start planning your defense. En Español.

          Defining Prostitution

          According to California Penal Code §647(b), prostitution is the act of soliciting, agreeing, or engaging in sexual acts for some sort of compensation. It typically qualifies as a misdemeanor disorderly persons offense depending on the exact circumstances of your case.

          While the law specifies that an overt act beyond simple agreement is necessary, law enforcement has some discretion in establishing such charges. Individuals should also note that compensation does not always have to involve actual money—there could be an exchange of goods and services or even an exchange of housing.

          One important thing to remember about prostitution charges is that law enforcement officers do not have actually to catch you engaged in a sexual act. Even agreeing to prostitution and giving the appearance of attempting to engage in it might give rise to prostitution charges.

          This means that it is not uncommon to face such charges after law enforcement witnesses someone making arrangements to engage in prostitution. A typical example of this that San Leandro prostitution attorneys often see occurs when law enforcement believes two individuals are contemplating prostitution and makes a subsequent traffic stop involving those individuals.

          Defenses to Prostitution Charges

          As with any criminal charge, there is no specific tried and true defense that works for everyone. However, a seasoned prostitution lawyer in San Leandro could help you understand important nuances in the law and how they may be applied to your specific circumstances.

          Depending on the situation, your legal counsel could try to argue that there was no exchange of compensation for sexual acts. There may also be room to argue that there was no intent to engage in prostitution or no intent that any compensation provided was for the purposes of prostitution.

          Even if you agreed to engage in prostitution, there might be an absence of an overt act that is required to prove your intent. A qualified legal representative could work with you to review the facts of your case and help you explore the options that may be available in your defense.

          How a San Leandro Prostitution Attorney Could Help

          As with any criminal charge, time is of the essence if you are facing prostitution charges, so the earlier you begin to plan your defense against these charges, the better. In some cases, working with an accomplished attorney at the early stages of your prostitution charges could make the difference between whether they are even filed or not, which could save you a great deal of time and money as you navigate the legal process.

          While it is impossible to predict exactly how your charges will develop, working with a diligent San Leandro prostitution lawyer could help you gain a better understanding of your rights and how to assert them throughout the legal process. If you are facing prostitution charges, call today to schedule an initial consultation and start working on your case.

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