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          San Leandro Robbery Lawyer

          The potential consequences of a robbery conviction can be harsh, especially if the situation involves specific aggravating factors, such as the presence of firearms. A robbery conviction is likely to have a severe impact on your life and harm your ability to seek employment, housing, and educational opportunities. A San Leandro robbery lawyer may be able to examine your circumstances and determine the best course of action to defend you from these charges. Contact an experienced attorney today for help.

          Robbery in San Leandro

          Under California Penal Code § 211, a robbery occurs when individuals take property from the possession of others against their will by using force or threats of force. To constitute robbery, the offense must involve an intent to deprive the owner of the value, benefit, and usage of their property.

          A prime example of robbery is where an individual snatches a purse off of a woman’s shoulder and runs away with it. This use of force to take the property belonging to another individual constitutes robbery. There is another form of robbery called an Estes Robbery – this typically occurs where someone enters a store and shoplifts items but as they are trying to get away with the items there is a struggle with the store owner who tries to stop them. This use of force to abscond with the stolen items transitions a simple shoplifting charge to an Estes Robbery.

          Penalties for San Leandro Robbery

          Under Cal. Pen. Code § 213, robbery is classified either in the second degree or the first degree. Most robberies are charged as robbery in the second degree. A conviction on these charges can result in two, three, or five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

          Various situations may lead to first-degree robbery charges, such as if:

          • The targets are robbed in the course of performing their duties as the operator of a bus, taxi, cable car, or another form of public transportation
          • The robbery involves a residence, vessel, trailer, or building that is occupied by others

          A conviction for robbery in the first degree can result in three, four, or six years in prison, in addition to a fine of up to $10,000. Certain situations, however, can increase the term of incarceration to as much as nine years, such as if individuals acted with two or more persons to rob an inhabited home. A robbery attorney in San Leandro may be able to seek reduced charges or penalties, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the allegations.

          Additional Enhancements to Robbery Penalties

          According to Ca. Pen. Code § 12022.7, individuals may face enhanced penalties for some felony offenses, including robbery. If a robbery results in significant bodily injury to others, for instance, individuals could face an additional three-year prison term to serve that is consecutive to the prison sentence for the primary robbery offense. This additional prison term increases to five years if the robbery causes individuals to become comatose or permanently paralyzed.

          Other enhancements to a robbery conviction can exist if individuals who are age 70 or older or children under the age of five suffer significant bodily injury in the course of a robbery. A robbery conviction is also a serious violent felony under the California three-strikes law. If individuals reach three strikes, they could face decades in prison.

          A San Leandro Robbery Attorney May Be Able to Help

          The potential penalties for a robbery conviction are severe and long-lasting, including significant terms of incarceration, fines, and more. As enhancements can make the penalties for a robbery conviction even more significant, individuals may wish to get legal advice before making any significant decisions in their cases. A San Leandro robbery lawyer may be able to assist individuals who are facing these serious criminal charges. Reach out today.

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